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U Of T Student Housing

Lydia Said:

What do you think about illegal aliens breaking into the U.S. and then turn around to demand special treatment?

We Answered:

I suggest bright "Viridiana" sue her parents for SMUGGLING her ILLEGALLY into U.S. at 6, instead of blaming U.S. immigration laws, and all the rest of us Americans.

Julia Said:

Friend with a U.S. student visa being exploited by her sponsor and working?

We Answered:

It sounds like your "friend" entered into a shady relationship and is now having 2nd thoughts. Your 30 year old friend is definitely old enough to know better. What she's doing is a form of prostitution. She's a big girl. She's not being exploited. She's an accomplice to the crimes being committed. She's going to have to learn the hard way and yes, she can be deported.

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