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Ubc Student Housing

Ellen Said:

Was emailed by ubc that a room for residency is available, but my application status has expired?

We Answered:

Doesn't make sense. I'd say your best bet is to do as they say and contact them for further information ASAP. Like today. On the phone or in person ideally.

Javier Said:

2 colleges to decide from: University of British Columbia vs. University of California, Santa Cruz. WHICH ONE?

We Answered:

All depends on what you are searching for. What sort of financial aid did you receive for both, if Canada is cheaper, in comparison to the UC, pick that one, but remember the transportation costs, and the wardrobe that you will have to buy.

Charlotte Said:

Are these good colleges? Will I get accepted into UBC?

We Answered:

Your GPA should be a little higher than a 3.0 for ALL of those schools.

They are all very competitive, with Penn and Ohio state being the most competitive. You should probably have around a 3.5 GPA, though your SAT score will certainly help you out.

Apply early, and good luck!

Ricky Said:

Why are Canadians overly obsessed with hockey?

We Answered:

I am Canadian, and not the least bit obsessed with hockey. You calm's the Olympics and people are worked up, obviously.
You live and go to school in Van but you are "anti-Canadian" ??? Why be here then? Why go to our schools? Go to your own school if you are so "anti-Canadian" we don't need you or want you if you are going to be that way, so just go away! lol

Gabriel Said:

Should I stay home for university or move out for a more prestigious university?

We Answered:

If you can choose to stay at home and save that 15K I'd recommend doing that.

The main reason is that if one were to read user comments from the website, the biggest regret graduates there had was that while they enjoyed getting to live on their own in some far away state for their four years of schooling, that huge difference in living/out of state tuition expenses is now eating them alive. Consistently those users said that if they had to do it all over again they would've stayed home.

If it helps I chose to stay at home while working and going to school and only graduated from school with around $3500 in loans. That was far far far less than some of my buddies who did the whole living in another state thing.

But then again each person's choice is different. If you can get fully paid scholarships/grants and whatnot, then by all means moving out makes little difference in terms of costs.

Good luck.

Monica Said:

UBC Year Round Residence Waitlist? (Marine Drive)?

We Answered:

Most people I know have already gotten housing in Marine. I don't know the chances of 188 spots opening up realistically at this point.

You can wait it out though, off campus housing is really easy to find.

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