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Uc Davis Student Housing

Lauren Said:

Looking to rent a house in a safe Sacramento Neighborhood, any suggestions?

We Answered:

You could try

Ellen Said:

Which UC should I choose? Am I silly for even asking?

We Answered:

Quite the opposite. I'd think you're silly for automatically going for the better university regardless of fit...we're not talking about the difference between UCLA and a Cal State here. UCI, LA, and SD are all good schools and I think you should go where you feel comfortable.

Bonnie Said:

Transfer to UC Davis?

We Answered:

Dude 4.0 GPA will get you into UC Davis no problem. As for your HS record they wont see it, only thing that gets transfered is your community college records. Also they won't get or need your SAT scores as a transfer student.

Jay Said:

A question for those who have experience with the colleges Cal Poly San Luis Obispo and UC Davis...?

We Answered:

My friend's brother went to SLO and he LOVED it up there! :-) Beautiful area. I always dreamed of going to UC Davis because it was FAR from my parents (we live in L.A.) and that way I could be on my own! :-p I don't have many opinions on these schools, but I did want to wish you the best of luck on making your decision. :-)

Jennie Said:

How do I transfer from UC Riverside to UC Davis?

We Answered:

To be competitive for intercampus transfer, you should complete the general education and major prerequisite requirements at UCR prior to the end of your sophomore year. The UC reciprocity agreement allows you to use the requirements from UCR to fulfill the requirements at UCD.

Transfer admission is selective by major and Biochemistry is a very popular major at UCD; therefore the admit rate is a bit lower compared to other majors. When you apply, be sure to specify an alternate major outside of College of Biological Sciences to ensure successful transfer.

Stanley Said:

Should I go to UCLA or UC Davis? Why or Why not?

We Answered:

UCLA wants you but you don't want them. A lot of college is about alumni connections. The UC Davis alums are less numerous but just as loyal to their alma mater. If your grades are good you will have a wide variety of opportunities upon graduation. Can you and your family afford the $6000 scholarship drop? That is the biggest issue.

Btw, if you don't want boyfriend to be a distraction, let him know or drop him.

Penny Said:

Housing for transfer students at UC Davis...?

We Answered:

The apartments on campus are typically rented out to families and/or grad students, so you'll find some tough competition getting into them. They actually have a separate application; you can access it through the link I posted below.

Most of the transfer students actually live in the Cuarto area of campus. That housing area is set up as mini-suites; the usual set-up is three bedrooms and two baths with an attached living room, and kitchen down the hall (for those who like to cook). The vast majority of the junior transfers reside in Webster Hall, with the rest living in Castilian (both of these halls have swimming pools, btw). Very very few transfer students end up in the other residence halls, and you do have the option to trade living areas if it doesn't work out for some reason (as long as there's space available).

Hope that helps!

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My friend's brother went to SLO and he LOVED it up there! :-) Beautiful area.

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