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Ucf Student Housing

Kathryn Said:

UF or UCF?

We Answered:

Good question. I can tell you honestly that it doesn't make that much of a difference. What will matter is passing the CPA. I would not advice you to take out a school loan if you have the option of going to a school where you would not need a loan.

I used to work for Ernst and Young and my wife, Deloitte and Touche both top accounting firms. I know that those firms tend to have specific schools in their area where they do their recruiting. Small firms don't care much where you went to school.

The question you should ask is;

1. Are there any firms you would like to work for?
2. Do those firms recruit from either one of those schools or maybe even both?

Keep in mind that even if the firms you are interested in do not recruit from one of the schools, you could still apply for the jobs on their website (though it is clearly easier to get a job with a firm that recruits you straight from your school).

The simple answer is, no, it doesn't matter. Go to the more practical school of the two. The one where you don't have to lose your job or take student loans.

Good luck!

Josephine Said:

What is there to do in Orlando, FL as a student?

We Answered:

You go to UCF right? when school starts going check out what is happening around school like Late knights or the Student Union website for events. Go to Waterford Lakes Shopping place or the Oveido Marketplace mall.Get in shape visit the wellness center on campus.

Once in a while take a trip near Universal International Dr area to go do funspot or do minigolf with friends those are some pretty cheap activities. If you are into clubs or bars head downtown Orlando on Orange Ave.

Warren Said:

Which one is better, Pegasus Pointe UCF, or Campus Crossings?

We Answered:

Campus Crossings is better..

Jennie Said:

How much money will i need to make annually?

We Answered:

depends if you are trying to completely pay for college now or not. I put myself through college, and used loans & grants. probably paid a total of $20000 back while in college and now have loans of about $10000 left. I worked at a minimum wage job a couple of hours each day and I was fine.

I'd say you would want to aim for 340000 a year in salary. and make your boyfriend get a part time job too.

Stanley Said:

are valencia community college students allowed to live at the pegasus pointe housing at UCF?

We Answered:

I dont see why where you live will effect if you can go to Valencia, I attend there and the only thing I know of is if your from out of state you will have to pay like $300+ per credit hour, and if your a resident of the state only like $87. There was not an asterisk saying anything about how you cannot live at the pegasus pointe housing place.

Crystal Said:

African Americans at UCF and USF?

We Answered:

Assuming you're talking about the University of South Florida (and not San Fransisco) the african american enrollment is 12% (slightly under 6,000). And for the University of Central Florida it is 8.2% which is just over 4,000. As far as housing you can get on campus or off campus housing at USF (I go there, not UCF, so I don't know about UCF's housing). USF has specific places for upper classmen, so they don't have to be with freshmen if they don't want to. Good luck!

Terry Said:

Can i appeal a Fl statute 322.19 if i am a student renting under a lease which is not my permanent address?

We Answered:

The statute specifically states:

"(2) Whenever any person, after applying for or receiving a driver's license, changes the residence or mailing address in the application or license, the person must, within 10 calendar days, obtain a replacement license that reflects the change. A written request to the department must include the old and new addresses and the driver's license number."

It's pretty clear and it's the law in every state. Your current residence must match the residence listed on your driver's license. It's posted all over DMV offices too. So it was your responsibility, as a license holder to make sure you followed the rules. I think he should have let you go with a warning though because $114 for a student is harsh. :/

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