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Ucla Student Housing

Carlos Said:

Housing fee for UCLA and UC Irvine?

We Answered:

Housing fees vary depending on the dorm building and the meal plan you select. Detailed breakdown of the fees are available online for each campus.


UCI: Click on the housing option you want to see the rates.

Tyler Said:

Where to live as UCLA Student with a Family?

We Answered:

hmm not sure but as far as housing you wont get too much luck if u want to live relatively close to campus and only pay that much for a house. you should look into grad housing they offer. and think again about commuting the 405 traffic is DEATH. its LA. you dont even know....

Peter Said:

UCLA housing??????????

We Answered:

Unfortunately, it is usually the lower quality dorms. Even sophs get to choose before transfer juniors. Often they will stick a transfer student with someone else that nobody wants. Sorry, but it's ture, so you have to be proactive and get out there and start talking to people in housing asap. Good luck, I'm sure you'll love the school.

Lydia Said:

Summer Session at UCLA as a visiting student?

We Answered:

Isn't cal state LA cheaper tha UCLA?

Willard Said:

transfer student with two options, UCLA or CSUN ?

We Answered:

Well, if you think you can get into UCLA, I would certainly go that route. However, you are not assured so I would stay where you are--take some research or field study course in the econ.

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