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Ucsc Student Housing

Samantha Said:

UC Santa Cruz transfer?

We Answered:

I wasn't a science major but UCSC is good for marine bio, so I hear, don't know about the pre-vet bit. For transfers, best bet is to be a California community college student who completed the requirements (this is due to the CA community college agreement). Otherwise, just try to transfer in the same manner, as a junior who's completed gen eds and has good grades, recommendations, and reason to transfer. There's a good vibe as you said, I liked the smaller classes and professors easier to approach. I think also good opportunities to work in labs.

Patrick Said:

Any UC Santa Cruz students out there? I need advice.?

We Answered:

Weather's quite nice. Just a touch cooler than SoCal and a lot wetter. Not necessarily a bad thing depending on where in SoCal you are.

Err, the UCSC community is fairly known for drugs and some partying. Marijuana is as abundant as water. Depending on your views about this, you may or may not think it's a good place for families and little children.

Housing is about average. Think $1000 for a 1 bedroom.

Academics are ok. You should have a decent idea. Until we know where Merced falls, it's the second lowest ranked UC. RIght above Riverside. THat's not a big secret. They might still give out paragraph assessments of you instead of normal grades. Makes things a little difficult when applying to grad schools and shows you a bit of how hippie the culture is there and how much ganja even the school officials smoke.

Benjamin Said:

going to UCSC for winter quarter...question...?

We Answered:

choose the more social place

Elsie Said:

Leaving a UC? Is it a good idea?

We Answered:

sure, give it a try. You might have to go to CC first, but personally, i think UCLA and UCI are better than UCSC

I find it kind of surprising that it costs that much for a CA resident from SoCal to go to UCSC. I always thought CA residents pay a lot less cuz to me, that price is out of a CA resident's ball park. I would expect out of states and international students to pay that much, not CA residents...

guess i'm wrong...

Johnny Said:

I want to attend a midsized college in California. Can you help me? :)?

We Answered:

If you are thinking of coming to California to attend a UC or Cal State school, be aware the quality of these schools is falling off a cliff.

Because of massive budget cuts, the state of California is handing the UC and CS schools less and less money to educate students. For instructors and staff at the UC and CS schools it's a known fact that new faculty aren't about to get hired on and those still there are likely going to see furlough days if they don't succumb to layoffs. I have heard the faculty at Berkeley have been given a 15% pay cut and many of the best ones are leaving. Then there are the students, many of whom in fine arts and humanities fields are finding their course offerings cut dramatically.

I do know the cuts led Berkeley to withdraw all offers to out of state students for PhD programs no matter how good their research.

Many students are finding it impossible to get all the courses they need in a given semester to make the progress they want to make towards their majors. Which may result in having to take an extra year to graduate. Many students are finding that by the time their turn comes to register for classes, everything they need is already full.

To add insult to injury, the UC system has raised tuition this last year by 32%. Which means that an out of state student will pay as much; if not more than if they went to a private school?

While private schools are still facing a budget crunch, they are accountable to their students, not to taxpayers and politicians. If you're really dedicated to what you'd like to study, be it English, Economics, or Engineering a small private school could be a better investment in your own human resources.

If you are thinking of coming to California stick with the private schools like USC, Stanford, Chapman, the Claremont Colleges, etc.…

My daughter was accepted at Berkeley and UCI for her fully funded PhD in engineering and decided to go somewhere else because the budget crisis resulted in half her classes getting canceled.

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