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Uk Houses For Sale

Brenda Said:

How do i find a list of repossessed houses for sale in the UK?

We Answered:

My first port of call would be contacting your bank. As banks are the one's who repossess, they should have a list.

There are a few companies who have their own lists - but you usually have to pay for this.

Good luck.

Thelma Said:

If uk citizen residing abroad for 3 yrs+ what CGT tax payable on uk house sale under new laws?

We Answered:

You will remain tax resident until 5 April of the year you leave the UK.

From that day you will be not resident and not ordinarily resident.

If you sell an asset during your absence there will be no UK tax. However, if you return within 5 tax years, any gain will be taxable in your year of return (and any losses will be allowable in that year too).

You will be able to deduct the annual exemption from the gain in the year of return and the rate of tax on the rest is 18%.

This is the case if the property was not your main (or 'principal' residence).

If it was your main residence and you lived in it at any time, the last 3 years of ownership are exempt. So, if you lived in it until your departure and sell it within three years of leaving the UK, there will be no gain at all...even when you return.

If there was any period when you didn't live in the property, the gain may not be fully exempt.

So the answer really depends on 2 things:

(1) Was the property your main residence, and
(2) If it was, how long did you actually live in it.

If your answer to the above is anything other than: it was my main residence and I lived in it until I left the UK and sold it within 3 years of leaving the UK, then you really should think about seeking further advice to calculate your gain.

Hope this helps.

Dana Said:

How much money can my brother take to Ireland from his house sale in the Uk before he has to pay tax?

We Answered:

Is that Northern Ireland or Southern Ireland?
If it's Eire then the answers are relevant.
If it's N.I. then he's under the same tax regime!!

Nora Said:

new built timber framed period style houses for sale in uk?

We Answered:

Plenty of sites to browse through here for that type of property in midlands or south west...…

Danny Said:

Is there any law in the UK about house FOR SALE and SOLD signs?

We Answered:

They are covered by Local Authority by-laws.

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