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Uk Student House 2

Ben Said:

I am under a student visa, can I apply for unmarried partner visa in UK if my boyfriend is not working?

We Answered:

£300 per month is not enough to support yourselves independently. You need to show that you have about £105 left over per week after rent, council tax and utilities. If his parents are supporting you both, you will not be given an unmarried partner visa as a couple have to be able to show that they can support themselves without financial support from parents or other third parties.

As he is self employed, he should have an accountant prepare accounts for him so that he has an official statement of income.

You will also need documentary evidence of living together as a couple such as joint bank accounts, utilities etc. They need to cover the whole two year period.…

Dean Said:

buying a house for £2 million need help!? plz!?

We Answered:

another fantasist or another assignment for college either way no 19 yr old unemployed person could afford a 2 million pounds house NEXT

Ellen Said:

Is Lolicon illegal in the UK ?

We Answered:

The use of the word loli is an indication that the material is overtly, even if not explicitly, erotic.

if you sure that it contains sexual or erotic portrayals of prepubescent or childlike characters, than i would like to tell you that is not illegal to had such material in UK, but beware and inform your computer-mate that since 2006 UK had tried to create law to ban it with the max penalties of 3 year jail and unlimited fine, and UK is well know to approve many kind of "lol" law that it may be approve by this or next year!! UK also well know for abusing privacy, so for your own safety don't share it with him.

last thing to remind you dont treat him or her like criminal since it can't help that the enviroment had make the personality like this and that the process and fantasing and creation of the anime is no in any way harm nor hurt anybody or will bring one to become a pedophile.

Carol Said:

Why Wont My DVD Drive play a Movie on my PC?

We Answered:

Maybe the DVD that won't work is a different region to the others? If your normal player is region free it would play them all, but if the PC DVD drive is set to say region 2 when the disk is region 4, then it wouldn't play the movie. You should be able to change the settings to region free somewhere on the PC, so you'll get your... ahem.... fix.

Daniel Said:

Have you seen all submissions to the UK Parliament regarding Climategate?

We Answered:

Based on your limited sample of people writing to Parliament about AGW:
80% are concerned skeptics.
20% failed to state a position.
0% are concerned warmers.
degrees of freedom = 9
standard error = +/-30%
It appears that the concerned public who write to Parliament are mostly skeptics.

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