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Uk Student House 9

Ron Said:

how should we get home mortgage when we have 4 years valid visa to live in uk? and what do we need to have?

We Answered:

I thought, depending on your country of origin that you could apply for a permanent visa after 4 years.

I should not worry too much about the mortgage, concentrate on your visa options. When you are more sure of your position as a resident then you can think about a morgage. In the mean time. save like a loony and get a decent deposit sorted. In 4 years time who knows what the house prices will be like.

Bessie Said:

Best UK internet deal for less than 12 months?

We Answered:

Go for… - month to month contract and less than crap cable from Virgin.

Jenny Said:

UK Student Visa, Can you sponsor a friend to help maintenance cost?

We Answered:

Unfotunately due to massive abuse of the system, they have become strict in the extreme over student visas.

There is simply no leeway anymore on 'teh rules'

Maybe you could get a loan in the UK for the full amount?

Nathaniel Said:

why has the price of naturalisation increased so dramatically in a space of 2 months?

We Answered:

There is no control over this. They always raise their prices as they like. Nobody complains to the right department anyway.

Courtney Said:

Is there no point in working full time?

We Answered:

You opened my eyes! I do work full time, got 3 kids and my life is so miserable as I never got enough time for anything. On top of it I've got myself a course of AAT this year... You may think that I am better off, but I am not! I live to pay taxes, bills, fees, statements......... Unfortunately I cannot stop my full time work. can't afford it

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