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Uk Student Housing

Jill Said:

Financial advice for student housing?

We Answered:

sounds like you are getting a alright deal. i live in us, so things are different. i split a house with 3 friends and paid $200/ month rent, $600 total befor split. other bills totalled to about $100/mo cable tv, $30/mo water, $150/mo heat and electricity before we split them up. trashed house so rent was pretty cheap. You need to figure out what you really need bill wise (e.x. internet, cable, ect.). living with friends is cheaper than dorms though. Good luck in school!!!!

Joseph Said:

Can I ask a student loan being a UK worker with housing benefit?

We Answered:

Take a look at…

Part-time students can get grants to help with the course fees (i.e. tuition fee, materials) but don't qualify for main student loans to supplement living expenses like full-time students. The bonus is that most full-time students aren't eligible for Housing Benefit and those that are have their student loan/ grant taken into account so reduces their Housing Benefit entitlement.

Charlie Said:

I am 16 and going to college. (in the UK) but will only beable work part-time.. what is student housing?

We Answered:

Student housing is usually housing attached to a university for the use of it's students. They do charge rent but it's usually less than you'd pay for privately rented accommodation. If you're not with a university or college that has student housing you're unlikely to get it. A lot of places provide student accommodation privately (i.e. through a private landlord rather than the university), so you might be able to get something through them.

Your college should have something like a student welfare officer. If you have a tutor ask them who you should speak to about getting assistance finding housing.

However a lot of places won't want to rent to an under 18, and if they do you may need someone to vouch for you.

You may be able to get advice from your local connextions office, though it's hit and miss how helpful they are.

You should still get EMA, unless you or your parents earn over the threshold amount.

If you're wanting to move out and are wondering how you can afford to pay, you may be able to team up with a couple of friends and rent a place together, if you're all working part time jobs you should be able to afford the rent between you.

However as I said, being under 18 may cause you problems, so speak to your student welfare officer and connextions, see if they can offer you advice.

Good luck.

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