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Unc Student Housing

Chris Said:

Am I a failure when it comes to women?

We Answered:

Boy, a medical school actually accepted you? And what does that factoid have anything to do with your problem? (But it does show the problem). You are insecure. You had to lay that factoid out to show that some medical school does not think you are an idiot.

However, you show a lack of emotional maturity. You are making it too complicated and overly emotional. You sound like a girl. Do not message her. Be an adult and talk to her, face to face. By sending emails and messages, you are avoiding that face to face. Apologizing by email or SMS emphasizes that you are not secure enough to do it face to face. If anything, you may be scaring her.

I was once like yourself. I eventually matured at the age of 28. (So you are still ahead of me). In hindsight, it was so easy. People have to feel comfortable and happy around you (not scared or uncomfortable).

Ted Said:

Can one use scholarship money to pay for housing?

We Answered:

well usually the school uses the money for tuition first and any left over money could be used for other things

Brandon Said:

Bionomial Distribution Problem - PLEASE help!?

We Answered:

The first student will pick one of the four tires. That is 100%. The next student has only a 25% probability of picking the same tire. The third student has a 0.625 probability of agreeing with the first two, etc.


Binomial distributions are used in combinatorics, but I don't see this as that kind of a problem. Maybe I'm missing something.

Gail Said:

can i go to an out of state community college?

We Answered:

Yes you can go to community college out of state. The only thing is the price per unit will be way more and you might miss out on some perks that (in state) students get. Like the BOGG in California. Some community colleges have campus housing but most don't. If you want to have a place to stay, it might be better just to rent an apartment.

Ricky Said:

Do under-21's party at UNC Chapel Hill?

We Answered:

Hmmm do college kids party.
Are you serious with that lol ?
You'll figure it all out once you get there man!

Benjamin Said:

Choosing a College - Am I having an Identity Crisis?

We Answered:

It boils down to: do you want to be a big fish in a little pond, or a little fish in a big pond, that will help you decide the academic factor. idk but if you were the smart kid, maybe even valedictorian at ur high school, at Dartmouth you will be among others just like you, you won't necessarily be a big deal, you might even feel dumb compared to some.

As for getting a job, where do you want to work in the future? I mean regionally, not what field. I speak from expirience. If you want to live in a small town in Connecticut, you are better graduating from the local state uni than big time Georgetown. If you want a in the city, that is when you want to get that impressive name, such as Georgetown.

I would say think of what you really want, and think about obstacles you might face. I had a friend who thought she found the perfect school, but it was a plane ride away from home, and she freaked out and just missed home and now she is going to the local state school (she's rly smart too). Also, if you think if you are going for academics, or social life. I thought I would go for academics, I had a 3.8 in hs, I ended up dropping out and now im going to community college! I just had too much fun that first year and now I'm paying for it big time.

Anyway, don't focus too much on the glory of the name. When you take a tour, bring a notebook and pretend you are walking to a class. You will know if it feels right. And if you don't know if it feels right, then it's not a good fit. (I also know this from experience)

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