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Claude Said:

Studying in alberta canada for a year, what to wear?

We Answered:

Make sure to bring a variety of warm clothes and summer clothes too. It can get pretty cold in Alberta, like down to -40 Celsius, but it can get really warm in the summer, like up to 35 Celsius. Make sure to have snow boots that are warm and a warm winter coat. You'll also need some really warm mitts, toques, and scarves. If you get cold easily you'll probably need some warm sweaters (knitted ones) and also some hoodies. You might want a jacket thats not as warm as well, because Alberta gets chinooks in the winter (warm winds coming from over the mountains) that can bring the temperature way up. The weather changes really fast in Alberta, so make sure you have a variety of things because one day it might be -30 and the next it might be +15. The summers get hot, but spring and fall are pretty good, around +10 - +20. Also, don't bring all jeans, bring some cordouroy pants and other types as well. You might want some snow pants if you like to ski and that sort of thing. You also might want to get a thermal shirt to layer with so you stay nice and warm. Also have some warm socks so your feet don't freeze.

I would also get a warm fleece blanket so that when you you can stay warm in the student accomodations.

Hope this helps!

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