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Unite Student Housing

Kimberly Said:

what i do to move off my mom in low house.what i do to get a job and am anew student in all united states?plz?

We Answered:

Start by learning the language so we know what the heck you are saying

Billie Said:

Can F-1 student visa holder can buy home in USA?

We Answered:

Yes it is. You can always buy property in the United States regardless of your migratory status. If you are asking for a loan, people will be more concerned about your credit history rather than your migratory status. So as long as you have good credit and the money to pay for it. It is good to go.

Edgar Said:

What universities have animal housing?

We Answered:

I thought they all did For the students ;~)

Merry Crimbo

Stacy Said:

Any programs to be a foreign exchange student?

We Answered:

Hey can consider doing an internship or volunteer work abroad. You stay in a family guest house and get to do some meaningful work. It's a good way to experience the culture, lifestyle, language, and food of a different country. You can check out some opportunities through Leave UR Mark:

Patricia Said:

what does the 14th amendment mean and how can it affect you as a student?

We Answered:

Section 1, whatever state among the united states you are born in, you are as well naturalised to citizenship in that state, not only the united states. The states can not make any legislation to arbitrarily infringe upon the rights and privileges of the citizens of the United States nor will it violate or infringe upon the people's rights of life, liberty or property without the proper reason and proper process of law to do so, nor will the states dispose their people to suffer an unequal protection of these laws, meaning everyone has an equal protection to the rights to which this section entitles them.
Section 2. The number of representatives for the house of representatives will be determined for each state by the populace of this state, not counting Indians who are not taxed. However, should any male above the age of 21 be restricted the right to vote for any reason beyond rebellion or an act of crime, then the basis of the represenation will be reduced solely to those who were given the capacity to vote in that state. (Meaning they'll have much less representation, which would be more detrimental in that time, back when states having more or less power in the house actually meant something)
Section 3. No person can hold any elected office under the United States of America if they've commited any sort of felony, act of rebellion against the United States, or assisted the enemies of the United States, but this ineligibility can be removed on a case-by-case basis on a two-thirds majority vote of each house.
Section 4. The validity of the debt of the United States treasury will not be questioned, but nor will the United States nor any state among them pay any debt made in the assistance of rebellion against the united states, or any claim for the loss or emancipation of slaves. (Meaning they're not going to pay for the freed slaves nor give any money to those who act in rebellion against the United States)
Section 5. Congress can enforce what's written here.

Since you're a student, it doesn't really affect you, since you're not yet 21 years of age, and this amendment also does not yet provide women the right to vote, as well you are not yet eligible for any public office and have had no slaves to which you need to make a claim for their loss. The first section however, affects everyone, it guarantees you equal opportunity and protection of the law and protection of the rights of life, liberty and property when the government doesn't have a proper reason to violate it. So you will not be killed by the government without having been convicted of a crime that merits the penalty of death, your liberty will not be restricted until you are convicted of crimes where you have infringes on the liberties of others, and your property will not be taken from you unless the government feels it has a better purpose for it. While this isn't perfect, it's certainly extraordinary from any government before it.

Karen Said:

Is anyone could help me correct the English language for me? (ESL student write essay)?

We Answered:

Imagine you are walking down a market street where everyone is speaking very loud and fast. It seems like they are fighting, but they’re not. You hear a conversation, but you can’t comprehend the meaning and the way they speak is unusual. Elizabeth Wong expressed her painful experience growing up in a multicultural atmosphere by writing “The Struggle to Be an All-American Girl” in the Los Angeles Times. Her experience is the same as mine, I desire to reach an educational goal in the United States. The United States is a powerful country, with advanced technology and a great education system. I have lived in the United States for three years. It isn’t comfortable to be an American like someone said. I feel anxious in a classroom where Americans surround me. I also feel uncomfortable, with American customs, such as wearing shoes in the house. These things are odd to me because I am one hundred percent Thai.

During my first math class in the United States, the teacher did roll call and explained the first chapter. One of my classmates raised his hand and told the teacher that he disagreed. The teacher allowed him to share his idea with all students, and most of students agreed with him. I don’t know how they can participate with each other in class like that. It’s very difficult for me to raise my hand and ask a question. I have grown up to do what the teacher says, remember the entire lesson and get my homework done. Once, my teacher couldn’t solve a problem that I understood. I wanted to raise my hand and tell everyone that I understood the problem. I was shaking, my hands were cold and my heart was pounding. I was too timid to express my idea, especially in English, for I was embarrassed of my accent. Finally, I quieted my mind. I’m still Thai. I was an eager student in my country, but not in United States. I don't have enough confidence to share my opinion with the class.

One time, my friend came over to my house. He walked into my house right away without taking his shoes off. I didn’t want to make him feel bad because it’s normal for Americans to do this, but in my house it was frowned upon. I tried to ignore it, but I couldn’t. After that, I asked him to take his shoes off because I wanted to try them on. Then, I persuaded him to wear slippers, which are more comfortable. He didn’t know that not wearing shoes in the house was very important to me. In shoes, you walk outside the house, you step in dirt, and you are then allowed to walk i the house? The house should be neat, and we should respect it. Because of this, I am afraid to ask my American friend to come over my house again. It's not because he wore the shoes in my house, it’s because of me. I’m Thai and I'm still one hundred percent Thai. I prefer to uphold my customs. I can’t allow wearing shoes in the house.

In conclusion, the United States is where I got my first job and payed for everything by myself. I can now study any major I want. It’s where I have an opportunity to improve my knowledge. Even though some parts of American culture conflict my own life style, I’m open-minded. I understand the how people spend their time better. My point of view toward life has changed to be more admiring of Americans. I realize that it’s infinite culture is fascinating, and you should try to experience many things.

Your essay is good, but I'm not sure I caught all of the tense mistakes. You tend to replace a's with the's and switch past and present tense, but overall pretty good english. You have a fairly extensive vocabulary too. Be sure to indent five spaces at the beginning of each paragraph too.

Brandon Said:

What universities have pet housing?

We Answered:

A few colleges that allow pets (spayed/neutered, of course) are: UCLA, MIT, Eckered College in Florida, Stephens College, Vassar College, State University of New York at Canton (they actually have a "pet wing"), Case Western Reserve University in Cleveland- that is just a few.

Most of these schools must "approve" the pet before you are allowed to bring it to the dorms. They usually require proof of spaying/neutering and up-to-date on vaccinations.

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