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University Of Michigan Student Housing

Wanda Said:

Why you shouldn't go to the University of Michigan

We Answered:

people in michigan are vile, i don't think it's just in ann arbor.
hail hail to michigan, the cesspool of the west.

Freddie Said:

How was my life ruined by going to the University of Michigan?

We Answered:


Sonia Said:

Do I have a shot at getting into Michigan State University?

We Answered:

You definitely have a shot.
Good luck.

Joseph Said:

Can I get into Indiana University Bloomington or Michigan State University?

We Answered:

Getting into either IU or MSU isn't particularly hard. There are many people at my school that got into IU with lower GPA and ACT score than you. You should be just fine. It helps if you're from the state though.

Laura Said:

(Yes or no) Is the University of Michigan complacent in harassment?

We Answered:

If you feel that the University of Michigan did not do enough you should seek legal advice. If, as a student, or former student you cannot afford an attorney, you should seek out Legal Aid from the county in which you live, which provides pro bono representation for cases which are of merit.

Sheila Said:

Why is the University of Michigan set up the way it is

We Answered:

either you broke the law or you are suspect of breaking a law.

they wouldn't just do this because you are an average person who goes about their daily business. nobody really cares about anybody that much anymore. no offense.

i don't know dude. but this is weird! good luck.

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