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University Of Toronto Student Housing

Beatrice Said:

18 Birthday Ideas?! What to do? What to get? Its a girl!?

We Answered:

See if she wants to go watch a movie that she's been wanting to see or find a local arcade and go be kids again for the day! Give her a pedicure and manicure.

If you have pictures of you and your friend, make a Friends Forever scrapbook/photobook.

Leah Said:

Native English speaker: please edit and correct the grammar mistake for my motivation letter for student VISA?

We Answered:

"I'm applying for a long term student visa of France.
The purpose for me to apply for the student visa is not only to gain a French language skill but also I would like to graduate university in France and work in France. I have been seeing more future in France than just studying the language."

This is an application for a long-term student visa to France.
The purpose behind the application is to gain a degree from a French university as well as to work in France and develop French language skills. I see a future for myself in France than merely studying, and would like the opportunity to offer my services to the country as well.
* (I'd suggest you leave out the studying language bit unless your doing a language course).

"He gave me an opportunity to spend summer in his paren'ts house in AAAtown and when I was there, I found the great program from university UUU that offers me to study the French language as well as offering me to study in the univesity in the future after the learning of the language."

I was given the opportunity to to spend a summer at his parents' house....where I received information from....where I availed the offer of studying....

"Student visa of France will be my first step for my future."

Receiving the student visa will help to greatly enhance and nurture my future, and I hope to not be let down.

Good luck on your visa! :-)

Adam Said:

I'm a new immigrant is it possible for me to rent a decent apartment in Toronto?

We Answered:

If your parents are very rich, you can do anything. In general, I only know of a few places where downtown houses/condos have a lakeview and those are generally very affluent areas. I can think of the beaches area and the harbourfront area. Rent won't be cheap.

Caroline Said:

My Thai wife wanted to make a sponsored visit to Canada. Have you had a bad experience with the Embassy?

We Answered:

Shouldn't have dropped it. Should have asked to see the witches supervisor, and filed a sexual harrassment charge.

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