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University Student Accommodation

Pearl Said:

(UK) University student loans questions?

We Answered:

No students don't get the same amount. It varies according to household income and if they are living at home or elsewhere.

There isn't a specific loan for accommodation - the maintenance (Student Loan) loan is supposed to cover part of it.

Hope that helps :)

Audrey Said:

Do mature students live at university accommodation in UK and how much is accommodation?

We Answered:

Hi well most mature students, tend to live in the area they are studying so they already have their own place. Some people do decide to move to persue university and they often tend to sheare a house with maybe five others which is common...You would have your own room but share other facilities like the living room, kitchen and bathroom etc. It all depends on where you study price wise. I have seen accomodation in a decent shared house in manchester for 45 pounds per week, but if your looking at a more rural area or in london be prepared to pay a lot more upto 150 per week :)

Andrea Said:

My family's in debt and I have university accommodation, what should I do?

We Answered:

I really like the idea John had about your speaking to a counsellor at your school. Please do that.

You should also look into taking out a student loan, to cover your accommodation costs for this term. As you said, at this point, if you leave accommodation, you'd probably still owe the money (although double check this today), so you may as well stay. But see if you can find a loan to cover this cost for this term.

At the same time, see if you can find a job on campus, or near it. Even a small job, such as tutoring - any money you can earn will help.

Then do plan to move back home for next term. That's smart - you're only 30 miles away, and you've already experienced life in uni accommodations, so I think this could be a good cost-savings move. But run the numbers. How long is the commute? How much is that bus?

You will go through ebbs and flows re: your passion/interest in your subjects. Do things to setting your financial issues, so you can take that stress off your shoulders, and then see how you feel about your subjects. At that point, once your finances are in better shape, start doing things to make your subjects come alive for you again. For example, do career-related work for clubs and activities on campus, or via volunteer work (and you're building your CV as well - that's all good.) See if you can get a work placement for this summer break (again, building the CV.) These types of real world experiences may give you back some of the interest you've lost. But what I can *guarantee* they will do for you is help you decide if this subject is right for you. Then you can decide your next steps.

Katrina Said:

Whats that one thing that students always forget to take to university accommodation?

We Answered:

in some places you have to provide your own bed linen, pillows, sheets etc as well as saucepans, cutlery etc etc

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