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Uoft Student Housing

Toni Said:

How difficult is it for American High School Students to be accepted into the Univerist of Toronto?

We Answered:…

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Ramona Said:

Should I accept York University over university of Toronto because...?

We Answered:

Not only will York take time away from studying/social activities, but in the end, it'll end up costing you the 5000 anyways (travel expenses, food, time that could be spent at a part-time job etc etc). The point you made about being easier to attain a higher GPA is a myth for the most part. I attained a 3.8 GPA in my first semester at UofT, it's not at all difficult to get a high GPA at UofT if you put in the required time and effort. And, bonus, its closer - allowing for more social interaction, more time to volunteer, more time for the possibility of a part-time job, more time to visit professors during office hours, more time in general, and believe you me, time, is very important. (Four hours is a waste of time, if anything, I'd use the 5000 to move into residence, I would no way in hell sacrifice 4 hours of my time to commuting). AND, utsc has a co-op option if you find yourself interested in that opportunity + prestige. Just my 0.2 cents. Good luuuck.

Hmm courses, I really enjoyed (and did well) in both psychology (PSYA01 and PSYA02) and anthropology(ANTA01 and ANTA02) as electives. I believe polsci students only have to take one credit in first year (two courses) and the rest is filled up with electives (could be wrong).
My friends took POLA90 Politics, Corruption and Violence and found -some- of it interesting, but the workload was mad heavyyy and they didn't do as well as they would have liked. I have no experience in political science, so I can't really recommend anything. But definitely check out when choosing courses. Most of the time, the profs are what determine how good the course is. You can also have a look at the SCSU anti-calender.

Yeah, Get Started will clarify some things up. Glad I could help : )

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