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Usc Student Housing

Jessica Said:

Is it true that the foreign spouse of US citizen can't get F-1 student visa?

We Answered:

well, if you actually intend to go to school while your USC spouse continues to live and work abroad, you could be approved. in actuality, there's no absolute regulation that would require you to be denied. and it really is a matter of intent. in actuality, if your spouse filed an immigrant petition for you back home, that would go faster than if he did the same thing back in the US, so you don't personally benefit that much by trying to go around the immigration line by using a tourist visa, VWP or a student visa. no one can really say what your chances are, but it's certainly possible that you'll be approved.

George Said:

USC Undergraduate Housing?

We Answered:

i had to answer this i went to usc and graduated with broadcast photo journalist/political science major.i loved it but i did not live on campus.i rented a house close by.yes you have to wait until you're accepted before dorm request.but soon as you are go to housing and request it so you will be at top of the people in charge,and be persistent or they will forget. you know it cost more for a single dorm. i didn't live on campus for safety be careful when considering.good luck and have's a great school.i moved to florida for work and still wear my sc clothes.people out here ask if i go to south carolina.ha lol

Anna Said:

Prospective USC Transfer student - Questions about sorority life?

We Answered:

I know little about those things and less about sororities, but I know that the life in each of these is way different than another. Generally speaking, they are always good to make friends; those are really good social networks and you will keep some friend for the rest of your life and sometimes it would be easier to find a job if the sorority is well known and/or if the employer was/is part of that sorority.

Good luck! USC is a great school but very small.

Jaime Said:

Help me! Is this a housing scam?

We Answered:

He's been running it since 07. Someone has reported it to the police or the BBB if there is an issue.

Start there.

Jean Said:

I own a house near USC in Los Angeles, CA. but want to buy another one closer to my parent's house.?

We Answered:

Never been to college have you? College students will trash the house.

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