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Utah Student Housing

Erica Said:

I'm going to a new school and I need HELP on financial aid things, can someone tell ma what should I do?

We Answered:

the COA stands for the Cost Of Attendance. This is an estimate of the cost it would be for an out-of-state student to attend that college for one year. Your ACTUAL cost may be more or less depending on your individual situation. Your school should have a chart available showing the breakdown of the COA and which categories they used to come up with that number.

With an EFC of 0 you show the most "need". This means you are eligible for the maximum amount of financial aid.

The Stafford loan that you qualify for is a subsidized student loan. This means that as long as you are in school above half-time the government will pay the interest for you. After you leave school the interest on this loan will be 6.0%. As a first-time student loan borrower you will need to contact your school to find out what their loan application process is. It varries from school to school.

You may also qualify for an additional unsubsidized stafford loan. Ask your school about this option. Many schools don't package these types of loans on the student's award letter. You need to ask about them.

If you are still interested in scholarships check out these sites:

Frank Said:

Brigham Young please! :)?

We Answered:

I go to BYU and love it, because of the honor code and the educational environment it creates.

This is what it entitles:

Be honest
Live a chaste and virtuous life
Obey the law and all campus policies
Use clean language
Respect others
Abstain from alcoholic beverages, tobacco, tea, coffee, and substance abuse
Participate regularly in church services
Observe the Dress and Grooming Standards
Encourage others in their commitment to comply with the Honor Code

...attending mass would be considered "church service" in case you are wondering :) And you are always welcome to come to a LDS meeting too, you'll make lots of friends who would be willing to invite you.

No one will "force" you to become a member. We believe in agency, or the power to choose. The missionaries on campus will visit you at least once and it would be YOUR decision to accept the message of the gospel or not. Also, no strapless attire, clothing needs to be modest. I want to date and have a couple relationships before I marry as well, it is silly to think every member marries at a young age :P

If you DID attend BYU you would have an incredible time, there is always something fun on campus, like when we hosted "the largest water balloon fight"! The professors are well trained and you would receive top notch education.

Oh, and Utah Valley University in Orem, UT also has cheap tuition.

Good luck with your decision! I'm glad you are deciding to go to college. (:

Tommy Said:

Am I the only confused Mormon girl here?

We Answered:

ok. first off - your family loves you and will always love you. they may disagree with your decisions and because they love you, they may try to change your mind. they have tried to instill in you the same values they hold dear and have found to be useful in their lives. they want you to be happy and have tried to teach you how they think you can do that. they have offered you love and you should offer them your honesty.

second - how did the "church" do this to you? how did it create this problem? so some rumors were started about you - so what? it was something that tells true in the end (when you don't begin to show or you don't have a baby). your dissatisfaction with the members has nothing to do with the church. people don't always live up to who they are or should be. you have made the choices that have gotten you to this point - step up and take responsibility for those - whatever you decide to do or be, realize it is you deciding.

third - the arguments against the LDS church on the internet are almost never valid. I too have researched many of these claims and have found them to be misrepresentations of the truth at best and out-and-out lies at worst. what you do about that is your own choice - but if you wanted to ask questions or discuss these claims, I would be happy to do so with you.

fourth - good luck with whatever you decide.

Gladys Said:

Why do illegal alien students get special in state college tuition discounts not available to Americans ?

We Answered:

Well, I guess we need to give the coyotes something extra to put in their pamphlets on why their prospective clients should come. You can get credit cards using a falsified identity. You can ignore the law to get insurance in California that would cost a citizen up to 1000 dollars in fines. Free health care, welfare and cheaper college than Americans. It still may not be enough. We may need to offer free televisions, appliances and transportation next.

Lance Said:

How can we stop the NEXT Seung Hui Cho?

We Answered:

I believe it all begins with PARENTING AND THE SCHOOL. Kids should be taught from day one to live and let live, and ZERO TOLERANCE for bullying. Terrible things happen when people pick on each other in this world. Just because some people lack the mental strength that others may have does not mean they are crazy. Lots of us get insulted or ridiculed but not everyone snaps. Why? Because some people are mentally stronger and have the "thick skin" necessary to overcome these problems. However, some people are not as mentall capable of handling it so well and they can snap. Such people are not born crazy - they become that way after being subjected to abuse they cannot handle. The trouble is not the guns, it's not the music, movies or games. While these things can add fuel to the fire, these things did not create the fire. Parents and schools can help avoid these situations by keeping a better eye on the behavior and interaction between kids. Too much bullying is allowed, tolerated and ignored. These kids shooting up the place are fed up and they're not joking around anymore. And there will be more like them.

Erika Said:

I'm going to a new school and I need HELP on financial aid things, can someone tell ma what should I do?

We Answered:

Financial aid would have covered costs at the community college because the costs were much lower.

You will need to get loans to cover the costs not covered by financial aid, if you have no other means to cover them. And you may have to look into work-study or getting a part-time job. Contact the financial aid office at your school immediately and see what they advise.

Being an out-of-state student adds significantly to your costs. You might do better taking a year off and working to save some money while applying to an in-state school, or working for a year [or whatever the requirement is] to establish residency in Utah if you really want to go to school there. You could probably take part-time classes while you do that. [I did that when I went to school - worked and took classes part-time while I established residency.]

Good luck to you.

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