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Vancouver Student Housing

Sergio Said:

Can I Get a Student Loan Without a Co-Signer? (Canada)?

We Answered:

My suggestion is this, go around to all the Canadian banks, specifically the one you bank with. Try to apply and get a line of credit through the bank that is your personal financial institution.

They usually start at about one thousand or so but can go upwards easily. Talk to a loans officer and find out what can be done without a cosignatory. You also might be able to apply for a credit card and use perhaps a few of those, although the lending rate would be high to pay off while you are a student.

My only other suggestion is that I got a working friend at that time to cosign for me. If there is someone you know pretty well, they just might do it for you.

Another suggestion, do you have to pay all your tuition at once? When I went to University I could pay the first semester and had a certain amount of time to pay for the second semester. I do not know if you could do it that way, but it might help if you ask about their payment/credit options. Sometimes Universities can be pretty helpful with students. They even had emergency funds for students who had not received their bursaries on time.

Larry Said:

tell me what you thinks to be Canadian or American?

We Answered:

I see Haji has decided to get another new account to state inaccurate facts. He has posted under the name "stop racism" and "don't land in Canada" previously if you would like to see the discussions.

(By the way, I am not following you, I just reply a lot to messages in the Canada forum. You are free to say what you like about Canada. If it is inaccurate, I will try to inform you and others on the mistakes.)

So here are a few corrections:

One third of Canadians are on welfare. False. The population of Canada in 2005 was roughly 32 million people. In that same year, the National Council on Welfare reported it had an estimated 1.7 million people on some form of social assistance. There were another 150,000 people on reserves that were also on welfare administered by the First Nations council.

So even if we say a total of 2 million people, that is 1/16th of Canada's population. A far cry from 1/3rd.

I just got these statistics for you in your last Yahoo! question. The Greater Vancouver area did a homeless count and came up with just over 2,100 people, with half living in shelters. I have no statistics on how many of them are on drugs.

Canada has one of the lowest rates for educational studies in the world for its citizens, and are very reasonable for international students too. If I take a look at McGill University costs:

Four 3-credit courses for...
...Quebecers = $900
...other Canadians = $2100 students = $4700

At least this time, Haji, part of what you say is true. I know of some female students that are working in strip clubs in Montreal who are also university students. However, my friend and I actually spoke with a few of them at a bachelor party we attended last year, and they told us that they do this because it is an easy and quick way to make a lot of money. In one month, they can earn enough to pay for their semester, and working there part time or after hours let's them study during the day. None that we spoke to actually admitted to prostitution, but they did say that some girls at some clubs do that.

I cannot comment about an emergency room in Victoria. What I can tell you is that when I shattered a tooth playing street hockey in Montreal, I went to a 24hr dental clinic 20 minutes from my home. They took me in almost immediately, my mouth was frozen and the tooth repaired within an hour. It was partially covered by Medicare and the rest my personal dental insurance took care of. Obviously, if you do not have Blue Cross or some other health insurance, you may have to pay out of your pocket, and if you are on welfare, then that may be a costly option.

It is important to note that Canada is suffering from a shortage of qualified doctors and nurses, and the closing of some hospitals has increased the wait times at other places. If at all possible, you should avoid hospital emergency rooms and try to go to local clinics. In Quebec, we have public CLSC's (like a clinic) that are used to address minor issues like sprains, back pain, migraines, and such. Hospitals should be reserved for broken bones, heart problems, wounds requiring stitches, etc.

One thing I can tell you is that Vancouver and BC in general is one of the most expensive places to live in Canada. Perhaps this is not helping your situation and what is making you so bitter. You should perhaps look at other cities that may be less expensive and offer you a better chance at showing your art and getting your cartoons published. Just a thought.

Kirk Said:

Vancouver or Toronto?

We Answered:


Vancouver only has its scenery, but Toronto's isnt bad at all.

Bernice Said:

Is generation Y screwed?

We Answered:

I am generation x who worked 50 years at 40 hours a week.
I own my own house with no mortgage.
I and my wife live on the basic pension plus a small pension totalling £10,000 a year far less
than you earn.
I have no debt whatsoever.
my pension is tiny because in the 1960's they kept taking an extra £7 in tax out of my wages
and 40 years later they give me two and a half pence on my pension each week and you think you are being screwed.
also in the 60's they piled an extra tax on all of us, they said it was to pay for north sea oil
exploration but said when it came on stream everyone in britain would pay next to nothing
for their gas, but did we, did we hell.
the house ratio in England is the same as yours in canada as it is in many western countries.
ever wondered why.
It is because the world is run by just a few hundred people and thats the way they want it.
you can blame them for having no jobs to go to because they have moved most production
jobs to cheap labour countries.
their next step is to control all the money in the world thats why they ask you to pay everything
by direct debit so they know what every one is worth to the last penny.
then they can change to a totally cashless society and make all black economies vanish.
Now you know who to blame and its not generation x.

Francis Said:

I am going to rent a house near UBC area at vancouver. Any suggestions?

We Answered:

Contact Student Housing at UBC for assistance in finding accommodations.
Student Family Housing
(Acadia Park) (604) 822-4411

Veronica Said:

Renting a room to a UBC student?

We Answered:

Renting a room in a house comes in many versions. You can rent the room only, or add kitchen and laundry privileges, or add food cooked by the landlord which then becomes room and board, or any combination of those depending on what each party wants. When you rent a room to someone, you should calculate the water and electricity use in with the rent, and perhaps the same for cable TV and internet connection since it can be almost impossible to separate exactly how much of anything one person will use, and for most people, paying and collecting for one bill is only is much simpler, especially for students who are often on a budget and don't need the surprise of a huge bill for heat in January. See what the usual heat/ electric bill is and charge proportionately, maybe. Food is a little more complicated, and you might have to figure out what to do about that according to your family's habits and preference. Maybe breakfast food could be included in the deal but not lunch or dinner since students are often going from school to work at the usual dinnertime.

What you should do is check local newspapers and any online places to see what other people are charging for a similar thing. You might also check notice boards at UBC for that too. You can probably charge a little on the high side since you're in such a good location.

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