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Western Student Housing

Dean Said:

Are there are student grants i would be able to successfully obtain?

We Answered:

You need to talk to Centrelink - they are the only people who can help you. If you are from a regional area of WA (Norseman, Broome etc) there may be bursaries available which pay your HECS only if you agree to work a couple of years in regional areas to pay it back (these are only available for medical related courses). Search your university website to see if there are any.

Katherine Said:

Is this accurate depiction of Seoul?

We Answered:

Hmm that is a basic summary. However, what the loads of drunk people? Tons of no rae bangs? The high amount of prostitution around the US Army bases? The garage that clutters Hongdae each and every weekend? People puking and pissing on the street?

Why would couldn't those things be included in the description of Seoul?

Roberta Said:

Why should tax payers in western countries fund Schools that teach students the creation myth?

We Answered:

Not a Myth, the Myth is Evolution

Read This…

And Consider this

Creation in the 21st Century “Caught in the Act”… (Part 1)… (Part 2)… (Part 3)

Creation In The 21st Century -- From Where did these Layers ...…

Creation in the 21st Century - Overwhelming Evidence 1 of 3…
Creation in the 21st Century - Overwhelming Evidence 2 of 3……

Evolution: Against All Odds!…

Creation In The 21st Century - Palace of Dinosaurs Part 2 (1 of 3)

Andrea Said:

How to get out of mandatory on-campus housing?

We Answered:

IF you can prove that you are unable to afford on-campus housing they have to let you out of it, also just simply writing a letter to the appropriate division of your school will work wonders =) but be sincere in your reasons for moving off-campus

Earl Said:

How to convince my dad to let me move out?

We Answered:

Get a job and u pay then he can't say anything !

Delores Said:

Need help with Financial Aid paying my rent while I'm a student.?

We Answered:

This is what is happening, but no one from you "Career college" will tell you this. Students can and do get enough financial aid to assist them with other expenses besides tuition like rent, utilities, transportation costs etc.

However, your for profit career college is so expensive that all of your aid is being used for that rather than you getting a refund check like those who attend community colleges. Also if you opt NOT to get a student loan, this is less money you will get. My experience with those for profits is students get TONS of financial aid, (loans, grants, etc) but don't do comparative shopping, thus not realizing they are paying 10 times more for a degree or certificate they can get at the local community college for 1/10th the cost.

Shop around and find out how much your program compares in cost to the other state schools in the area. You will likely discover that your school costs 15,000 or more a year while the local community college costs you less than 3,000 a year.
Now, if you qualify for 5,000 worth of financial aid, all that left over 2,000 is yours to help pay for rent and such.

hope it helps.

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