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York Student Houses

Pedro Said:

is it possible to get a student loan of about $20,000 for living expenses?

We Answered:

The problem that you may come up against is that a lot of lenders insist upon paying the money directly to the schools. If you have one that cuts the check to you, and you can prove that you are a student, then you should be able to do it. Students have to live, too.

Don Said:

How hard is it to find a Job in New York?

We Answered:

It does NOT matter what field--getting a job AND a place to live in NYC is incredibly difficult. The shear number of people vying for jobs here is intense (unlike anywhere else, really), and they all have talent and skills. Expect an enormous amount of competition, no matter what. Furthermore, the vacancy rate for apartments in Manhattan is between 1 and 2%. It's going to be tough. Might I suggest Chicago?

Mario Said:

I'm planning on moving to New York, does anyone know about apartment shares?

We Answered:

Here is a great guide to NYC for students and interns…

Victor Said:

What are fun things to do on Halloween in New York City?

We Answered:

I know there's a HUGE parade through Greenwich Village

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