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York Student Housing

Harvey Said:

Is $10,000 in reserve funds enough to move to New York City either as a student or living with friends?

We Answered:

Go with whatever's less expensive - campus housing or sharing a place with friends. Of course the campus housing won't be available once you're done with school, but I'm assuming you have a few years to make arrangements before then.

$10,000 in reserves is a lot more than most people have, and if you have a separate income besides, you should be fine (depending on how much that income is). When it comes time to graduate and be on your own, you can still share a place with friends, or move to one of the less expensive places in New York City. Also, once you know you like an area, you can look for a Rent to Own situation, where you usually only need a small down payment.

Off topic, I'd recommend you do as many co-ops and internships while in school. You will gain practical experience that most employers are looking for, can prove your worth to a potential employer, and good interns are usually offered a position once they graduate.

Good luck!

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