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Apply For Jobs Online

Todd Said:

Can anyone list some places online where you can apply for jobs ?

We Answered:

Ask yourself:

What can I do that people would be willing to pay me $____ to do?

Fill in the blank with a whole number denomination between $1 and $100, and try to think of something that people would actually pay you that dollar value to do.

When you add it up, you will realize that you can make more money per hour as an entrepreneur, than what you would be paid per hour as an employee working for minimum wage.

The key is to be paid per transaction instead of per hour.

Imagine you found a summer job that paid you $8 an hour. Working 8 hours, your gross income (before taxes) would be only $64 dollars.

Now, asking the question:

What can I do that people would be willing to pay me $20 to do?

You would make $20 in a single transaction for doing something that may take you only 15 minutes. If you have three clients and can service them all in one hour, your gross income would be $60 per hour.

If you had enough clients to fill an 8 hour day (3 clients @ $60 an hour), that would be 24 clients each paying you $20 for a total gross of $480 for an 8 hour day (compared to $64 dollars @ $8 an hour).

That is approximately 8 times the revenue you would make above minimum wage for the same amount of time.

Josephine Said:

Should I apply for jobs in person or online?

We Answered:

i pay more attention to applicants who apply in person. and if i really like the first impression, i will usually interview and hire on the spot. although, online is more convenient for you, applying in person is usually more convenient for the manager. if you do decide to apply in person, make sure its during a slow time for the you can really talk to the manager and give them a good impression. and don't be afraid to ask questions. hope i helped!

Patricia Said:

How can i apply online jobs and make fast money online?

We Answered:

No, there are no possible ways to get this money making jobs automatically fast except when dreaming.

Clyde Said:

How can I apply for jobs online?

We Answered:

99% o f getting ahead in life is "just showing up!"

Go in the store and ask them how to obtain the application.

Its a subconscious thing to show up and ask.

Show up a second time when turning it in, and this time its done with a smile because you recognize the person who you spoke to before.

Seeing you again + rapport = Interview

C'mon... Get out there and just do it, and then message me if it worked.

Jordan Said:

Is it more effective to apply for jobs online or actually speak to recruiters directly at employment offices?

We Answered:

Your best bet is to contact employers directly. First, browse websites like monster or your local job-finding website (in our city, for example, it's called ""). Find the jobs you want, and they will almost always include the company name. Then, go to that company's website directly. Apply not only online (through their website or through the job finding website), but also send a hard copy of your resume in the mail directly to the employer address ("Madam or Sir" is fine on the cover letter if you don't have a person's name). You could go to a recruitment officer, but here is the scoop on recruitment officers: they will either charge you money up front, or they will receive payment from the employer and pay you - taking a hefty percentage out for their own expenses. If you go to a recruiter, you will make less money than you would have if you went straight to the company itself. Believe in yourself, check out example resumes and cover letters online, have anyone (friends, family, whoever) look over your resume or cover letter for obvious mistakes, and go for it. Good luck!

Alberto Said:

when you apply for jobs online are you supposed to wait for them to call or what ?

We Answered:

the only time it serves any purpose to apply online is if the employer specifically instructs you to or
you are applying for a corporate position or
you are applying for a management position.........

if you are a teen looking for a job;
the types of places that will hire you expect you to show the initiative to apply in person at the location you would like to work at........

do NOT post personal information on line unless it is a SECURE corporate site THAT PROVIDES A SECURE LINK.......
do NOT send personal information to any job listed on craigslist...

Kristin Said:

How do I apply for jobs online?

We Answered:

Go to website bottom page right side careers click that it will take you to the job search page apply there good luck same process works for all the other store too.

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