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Brighton Student Jobs

Pauline Said:

summer job in brighton!... can anyone help me... ???

We Answered:

Write a letter to all the Italian restaurants in Brighton & Hove (there's quite a few) enclosing a photograph.

All you have to do is type Italian restaurants (or pasta or pizza) Brighton into Google or Yahoo. You'll find plenty.

Stephanie Said:

Hi! j1 student looking for a waitressing job in Boston, maybe near Brighton??

We Answered:

Look for work in Back Bay, best bars and restaurants and best pay.

Good luck to you!

Esther Said:

Working Artist in Michigan [Brighton, preferably]?

We Answered:

All right, but I'm more in the thumb area, and I had this job for a few years but quit last year. Does it still count? Also, I'm now on an arts council and will be teaching a class for children this summer (pending funding).

1.Art instructor for Community Mental Health -CMH - (teaching and setting up art shows for and making murals with people with mental illness and developmental disabilities) through an anti-stigma grant
3.I work as a psyche nurse and obtained my BFA with concentration in painting from Wayne State.
4.I did the class for 3 years.
5.Just summer enrichment and a few private art classes while in high school, some watercolor and drawing at community college while getting my RN and then Wayne State Univ.
6.My favorites were all oil classes and figure painting.
7.I drew some, painted with watercolor and guache some, a little acrylics.
8.Preparation was really my nursing experience and just the discussions in painting class - with other students as we wandered around the studio and the more formal evals in class and privately when the professor came around and talked about our work. I think also, I just went in really wanting to encourage people to realize that everyone has some artistic talent, and to help people develop their own style.
9.I liked watching people develop confidence in their artistic skills as well as really opening up socially. It was also really great to bring students into the community through the art openings we had at libraries, coffeeshops, etc.
10.What I liked least was beurocratic stuff like meetings, budget paperwork, etc.
11.No idea whatsoever.
12.Well, I worked at a frame shop and do the arts council thing, but that is more of a one-time thing, probably. I did give some painting lessons, flute lessons (are we counting music?), sold some paintings on commission, sold some others to coworkers. Nothing too regular. That's what my "real job" is for. Hah!
13.Diversify. Actually, I am biased, of course, but I think that a nice, regular job (especially in this economy) that maybe you can even do part time, is beneficial b/c then you can pick and choose what you want to do artistically w/o having to worry if you can pay your bills. B/c let me tell you, I would rather NOT have to paint what someone else wants from a photo of theirs and worry about expectations. I'd rather paint what I want to paint and if it sells, great. If not, I loved the process and it'll be around until whenever, I suppose...I just think there are many little untapped quirky ways to get your work out there or to be involved in the arts.
14.Hm. Maybe I wonder how far that is...I suppose I could do a road trip...
15.No help needed right now, thanks...I would just try to promote the arts in your own community. Maybe there's a co-op or volunteer opportunity already or maybe you could create one with a grant or raised funds?...Or....maybe the gals that took over for my classes would like to arrange an art show or even an art trade with CMH artists out your way? There is a Michigan CMH travelling art show going around this year, actually, with artists from all over the state. Look for it out your way!
Email me - tobicouture at gmail dot com

Alicia Said:

Moving to the UK (Brighton or London) and could use some help!?

We Answered:

I was at university in Brighton and spent the next 15 years of my life wishing I could've stayed there rather than move to London for work. I'm now able to live in Brighton and commute to London for work and I love living by the sea! London's an incredibly expensive place to live, even if you're on a decent salary, but the advantage is that if you're young and without too many commitments, it's also very exciting. Just bear in mind that most of your money will go on rent and transport!

Brighton's also becoming expensive but is nowhere near London prices and I'm now paying 1,000 dollars less a month to rent in Brighton (although the train fare makes back up another 400 a month).

However, you can find some brilliant places within walking distance of the sea front and the station and Brighton's a much more manageable city in terms of size - you can walk pretty much everywhere, the buses are efficient and there's absolutely loads to do here.

Brighton also has a burgeoning music scene and there's always loads of local bands gigging in pubs and clubs. Have a look at and for an idea of what's going on.

As for funiture, forget shipping it, you can furnish a place dead cheap at Ikea or with secondhand stuff and if you're renting, a lot of flats come furnished anyway.

Only downside of Brighton is the salaries are much lower than in London and you may find it harder to get work. If you can afford it, my suggestion would be to commute to London if you're pretty near either end of your train journey (Brighton to London Victoria or London Bridge). That way, you'll get the best of both!

Good luck with your move.

Heidi Said:

any jobs going for a student? in ...

We Answered:

Try the Double Glazing Call centres they are always looking for weekend staff, usually there is evening work available also.

Benjamin Said:

BRIGHTON: I'm a italian boy, i'd like to go in it for a summer season for learning english, can u help me?

We Answered:

There are normally plenty of seasonal jobs in Brighton for students, but after that your best bet will be to look at sites connected with local papers advertising jobs like the Evening Argus.
Good Luck

Kristin Said:

As a newly arrived American, how difficult is job-hunting in the UK?

We Answered:

Job hunting in the UK is just as tough as the US right now. Your first problem is going to be getting a work permit in the first place - you pretty much either have to have a Masters or PhD for the Tier 1 visa or have to be transferred by your US employer on a Tier 2 Intercompany Transfer visa. Or if you are a full time student on a student visa, you can work up to 20 hours a week during school terms. There is almost no other way for a company to sponsor you unless you are highly skilled and highly educated and have skills that are in demand (medical specialities, engineering, science). So before you worry about looking for a job, you are going to have to first see if you qualify for a visa to begin with

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