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Bristol Student Jobs

Salvador Said:

A few questions about Bristol?

We Answered:

Bristol is a great place to visit (It was once the most important city in England after London).

As mentioned before, there are a few bad areas. I come from Knowle West, we ain't that bad, but if it would make you feel better, the Uni is on the otherside of town to us. St Pauls is what you can call the 'Harlem' of Bristol, along with Easton, they are both 'multi-cultured' communitys. Again, the Uni is no where near these places.

Jobs... there is always alot of jobs going on, check out

For bar jobs and stuff like that, you'll have to walk around town and ask.

Public transportation is something like, you wait ages for a bus, then 2 come along at once.
Although it's good when it's working. When it's not working, it's really terrible.
Especially when you hit the center.
If you can't drive, i hope you have alot of patients!

The nightlife is pretty awesome.
You have the Carling Academy, where they always have stuff going on, including concerts. Recent performers have been Paramore, Buckcherry....
We have some good nightclubs - Oceana, Syndicate and sooo on...
We have the Hippodrome, one of the best places in Britain to watch the Threater.
Bristol as abit of everything really, it's down to personal perference on what you do.

Returns to London on a train or coach varies... It's cheaper on a coach tho. Last time i went, it was £22 on a funfair... But that was awhile ago.

Banks we have Halifax, Natwest, Lloyds TSB, Barclays, HSBC, Northen Rock....

Well thats that, goodluck in whatever you do, and if you do come to Bristol, then i'll see you around!
I'm always in town :D

Katherine Said:

jobs for 16 years old in restaurant or hotel in Bristol Which are well paid?

We Answered:

If you mean 20 pounds per hour, less than 10% of the UK workforce earn that amount. You need to be more realistic. At age 16, you do not even qualify for legal minimum wage of £5.80 per hour

Maureen Said:

Student jobs in Bristol?

We Answered:

Plenty of pubs and clubs to chose from - most of the time its being in the right place at the right time - you will enjoy doing the tour and asking in each one!

Jamie Said:

Rights as a Student Tenant?

We Answered:

You should have done the walk-through before you signed a lease. No, you can't withhold rent. You can clean and paint, as most people do when they move into a rental.

Ruben Said:

Areas in north and east Bristol (UK)?

We Answered:

I lived in Wellington Hill, Horfield, for 18 years. Easy access to pretty well anywhere - the Gloucester Road into the City Centre, Kellaway Avenue to the Downs and Clifton, Wellington Hill West to Westbury, Blaise Castle and the Downs areas, Gloucester Road/Filton Avenue to Filton. I'd probably opt to go back there if I returned to Bristol (old haunts and all that)
I've been away for some while, but have heard that Montelier has gone down a bit.
Avoid Southmead Estate area but the two ends of Southmead Road (Filton and Westbury) are OK

Lee Said:

What is the best way of finding a paid job related to film or T.V. in the Bristol area whilst sitll a student?

We Answered:

Try the BBC in the Clifton area, they do all the natural history programmes from there

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