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Ca Student Jobs

Erin Said:

Anybody know of any Mcdonalds hiring in Sacramento ca? Or any job for a 20 yr old female student is good?

We Answered:

Now days it is hard to get a job, I live here and I still cant get a job so if you hear about anything let me now. I been living off of this copy paste I am able to pay some of my bills though, you should check that out too. I wish you luck, god bless

Ramona Said:

job after doing a AA degree course from community college in CA on F1 ie International Student Visa?

We Answered:

If you can't work with an MBA, you can't work with an AA either.

Billy Said:

Dental jobs for pre-dental student w/no experience in CA?

We Answered:

well, anyone can become a dental assistant, but u cant become a hygienist until u graduate form dental school. In the deontologic chart, all dentists should help students learn and blablabla (i dont know it exactly...). like i said the responsabilities u would have is probably assisting a dentist (like succionning and talking to the patient and giving the dentist what he wants. ) It isnt really erpresentative of what u r going to do in the future so dont give up if u find it boring.
Usually, dentists will not really put ads if they have a job opening, because its plus of an ear to mouth thing. The only way to find a position is to go visit the dentist around you ad tell them your situation.
Dont forget that the best quality of a dentist is to be sympathetic, so show it when u talk to the dentist.

Katherine Said:

What kind of jobs are available for a student in San Jose, CA ? (how much compensation)?

We Answered:

I would check with the Student Union for general job postings on your campus. If you're going to SJSU, there are lots of opportunities for employment. Also, at the Police building, the HR department is located there and they have job listings as well. There are tons of clubs, restaurants and businesses in the immediate area to look for jobs. Usual rate of pay ranges from $8 up to $20 per hour. Hope this helps!

Rachel Said:

which is the best trucking job for student in ca?

We Answered:

My brother and I recently lost our jobs at a local screenprinting operation, and we decided to look into trucking as a temporary source of work. After getting our CDLs, he's now with ABF Freight, and I'm working for a local concrete company moving cement blocks to job sites. Good, steady work. Another site we received help from -

You should be able to find information on CA trucking jobs there.

Teresa Said:

Does anyone know about any part time jobs in Danville CA for students?

We Answered: - I found such internship info here. It has lots of internships, job openings and scolarships for college students.

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carrying out work in the field associated with tourism is at desperate need excellent abilities. working job site is incredibly appropriate in my opinion that an specialist in the field of touring plus discretion.

Wisata Pulau Seribu said:

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There are many types of jobs available for the students.But all of these jobs are not perfect with the qualification of the candidates.The jobs according to the requirements should be matched with the students qualification.Dental students should look for dental jobs,whereas,accountant students should look for accountanting related jobs.

California Hill University said:

I am not sure about the hiring but in future McDonalds is planning to hire some fresh candidates, students who are enrolled in their final semester and have done their studies they must apply for the job at McDonalds.

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