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Call Centre Jobs

Erik Said:

How much is the salary for call centre jobs in holland nl?

We Answered:

I think they start at the minumum wage for the country, this page has the official list for the Netherlands:…
The first colum has the monthly amount, before taxes, the second per week and the third per day.
You can expect to pay roughly one third in taxes, so the average amount you take home will be about €900 per month, at age 23 and above.
If you work less than a full week, you take home less.
If you are younger than 23 years old you will get less.
But if you have experience you might be able to negotiate higher wages.

Virginia Said:

what is the differece between bpo and call centre jobs?

We Answered:

BPO means Business Processes Outsourcing. It can involve outsourcing(getting work done by third party) of any activity of a business like accounting, customer service, payroll preparation, data mining and so on.
A Call centre is a place where trained people take customer service calls/enquiries for a particular company. Now a call centre work can be done by the company itself (called captive call centre) or it can be outsourced from a specialised firm (then it is called BPO).

So, essentially Call Center is a type of BPO service.
Secondly, in a call center job you have to answer customer calls, whereas in a BPO job you could be doing call center work or any other process also maybe just desk job like data processing.

Lisa Said:

can indians apply for call centre jobs in singapore?

We Answered:

It depends whether the call centre in sigapore has called for application for appointment. In any case the sigapore govt has to permit an outsider to enter and work with proper documents and approval from the singapore govt.

Philip Said:

Which are the call centre jobs that one can apply to in Delhi-NCR ?

We Answered:

Delhi is World’s BPO capital!! Having a call center in Delhi & NCR is the norm for several global companies today. In order to meet the growing international demand for cost-effective, customer-oriented call centers, many organizations worldwide are outsourcing these services by setting up call centers here.

But what makes call center jobs in Delhi such an attractive option for fresh job seekers? Is it more like a part time job option to earn an extra buck? At call centers the opportunity to make money can be very lucrative as the salary offered with just a graduation degree is way ahead expectation. More to this list is free pick and drop cab, a free meal, attractive offices and a lot of entertainment at times!! The fact is BPO industry has in offer great opportunities for both fresh and experienced university graduates.

The top BPO’s in Delhi & NCR actively increasing manpower are; EXL, it is a leading end-to-end BPO in Noida near Delhi and headquartered in New York. Xansa, the international business process and IT Services Company is Europe's leading providers of telecommunications services centered at Noida. NIIT SmartServe is a subsidiary of NIIT Technologies, a global IT solutions company located at Gurgoan near Delhi. iEnergizer is one of the most progressive International Call Centers in Asia Pacific region, located in Noida near New Delhi. Integreon provides high-value, complex BPO solutions (also known as Knowledge Process Outsourcing, KPO or judgment-based BPO), specializing in document, content and knowledge services located in Delhi & NCR. TeleTech India’s expertise in managing integrated customer solutions and Bharti’s proven success in designing world-class service organizations in India. E-Meditek Solutions Ltd. is a responsible customer focused health benefit administrator. A leading US-based provider of contact center and technology support services; vCustomer maintains state-of-the-art processing centers across two locations in India at Delhi and Pune. HCL Technologies BPO is a subsidiary of IT giant, HCL Technologies. It provides services in both customer care (voice & web) and back office processing, centered at Noida.

The services at these call centers include Operations, Customer Service, Telecalling, Backend, technical support, transactional processes etc. The basic educational qualification required to find a job in call center is graduation, which can support you to net a job in Operations/ Customer care/ Telecalling/ Backend. Technical knowledge is essential for technical/ semi technical support.

A professionally-managed BPO unit can give a strong career boost and can be equally disastrous for building a career if the choice of employer is incorrect. Delhi & NCR offer the best BPO jobs in India to those who want to seriously make career in the industry.

Check out the link given below to check the list of call center's available in delhi.

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This site is actually a marketplace where u can get and post works. I hope this will be more helpful.

Make the best use of it...!!!

Nicholas Said:

What is the scope of call centre jobs in UAE? package? is getting a TL or Quality analyst job easy..?

We Answered:

good scope. quality analyst could get 6000/- Dhs to 15000/-+ Dhs depends on the seniority.

Bill Said:

Why are companies happy to sell their good to a nation but then ship all the call centre jobs abroad?

We Answered:

Here is why.......Cheap labor is all it is...and these companies are the largest offienders of this practice.

Sprint PCS....Phillipines, pays call center employess in the USA to start at 12.85 an hr to train, then they get raised to 15.10 after 6 mos, then every 6 mos, raises galore, and there is no ceiling on them the Phillipines, those poor people start at $3.50 an hour and no raieses for a yr if they are lucky....

Washington Mutual, till Chase bought them out last year....start USA at 14.65 an hr to train, after 90 days is raised to 16.20 and hr after training is over...then raises reviewed at every 1 yr now, not 6 mos but a yr. and no ceiling on them....Last year alone, they opened a new call center in the Phillipines and Mexico, they were all started out at 4.00 per hour.

How do I know this to be a fact, because I have a niece that is a trainer for Sprint and has been with the company for over 17 yrs now...she got to go over and train them in the Phillipines and Mexico last year.

Washington Mutual as well, Rueben a friend of our law firm told us about this last year just before Chase took them over. he said people were lined up for days to apply for the jobs,and you had to be able to speak English, if you could not, they were hired as cleaning people....and the people over there thought 4.00 an hour was very high pay..they don't know anything else, and more and more companies are going overseas for this very reason, they are making a fortune and paying nothing for labor, and this is what is taking jobs from Americans.

The USA will never stop this, it has been tried and Washington will never stop the rich companies from getting richer.

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