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Cardiff Student Jobs

Alvin Said:

Looking for a Saturday job in town centre cardiff... any help?

We Answered:

Just go into the shop and up to the counter and ask about job vacancies - keep a copy of your cv as they will often ask for one so it's easier if you can just hand it straight in.
Not sure about Primark or Peacocks but I know next are recruiting at the moment as my sister has just got a job there - she just went in and asked someone for an application form.
Also Kitchens on St marys st is looking for staff

Barry Said:

Student Jobs in Cardiff, Wales?

We Answered:

try somewhere like 118118 or a call centre job. Or there's the bars and pubs along St. Marys street.

Also you could ask yourself what your going to study and maybe you could find a job to suit that rea, such as i did a degree in psychology in Cardiff and could of got a job gaining relevent experience. best bet is to google cardiff jobs and possible student jobs in cardiff and see what it brings up.

Tom Said:

what is the best time of year to apply for a job in a bar?

We Answered:

It depends on the location. The easier places are not so busy restarunts (Not Fridays or Cheescake Factory or places like that) If you are in an area like the beach that attract people during the summer, then the best time would be winter when seasonal bartenders leave to go home. Another good time is when schools start. Usually places loose bartenders b/c they are going to school.

Milton Said:

Which university? Birmingham, Cardiff, Manchester or Nottingham?

We Answered:

Thes eare all good universities and will offer you excellent prospects.

You don't really have to choose between them at this point. Remember, you can apply to up to 5, so why not apply to all 4? Then make your decision after you get offers from them.

The best way to decide is to visit them. After you have applied, go and visit each one. Talk to the students and staff, and see which one you feel most at home in. The make that one your firm choice.

Jerome Said:

Sociable jobs with young workforce?

We Answered:

Call centre is a good idea, not bad pay for students either. Maybe bar/restaurant work?

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The shops in city center don`t keep any vacancy boards outside their shops. It is student who must go to shop by shop and ask for any job requirement is there or not. So, you can apply for it and leave your resume over there to call you if they have any vacancy. Don`t forget to take your resume which is very much needed one while searching for the job.

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