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College Job Search

Lillian Said:

Good job search sites for college students?

We Answered:

That's hard to say. I would check with your college. The ones I have encounter provide departments or organizations to help students find jobs on campus or the community. For college, if you don't have such a service then contact the colleges Human Resources who are responsible for employing college staff. Some departments use them to fill student positions.

They should be job finder services in the community too. That is how I found this one summer job.

If local newspapers have sites, then they sometimes put their wanted adds there.

Paul Said:

Do you have to show proof of job search for unemployment if in college after Marines?

We Answered:

Yeah you do most have minimum job serches a week you must complete. And depending on the state some wont let you collect unemployment if your collecting the g.i. bill

Billie Said:

How do I compete in the job search just out of college against these heavyweights??

We Answered:

its called supply and demand, when you first started the major there were jobs needed in that field, since then not only are there an overabundance of graduates there have been downsizings too, I got a degree in business finance, and I havent even bothered to look for a job.

Jenny Said:

Is the top Minority Job Search Engine offering Diversity Jobs and College Career online?

We Answered:

The Top Minority Online Boards advertise the Hot Jobs and you can browse the Minority times type Jobs or just Scale out the Files even Designer stuff wow Hewlett Packard all the way up to a Primary Care Physician at The University of Oregon!!!! I'm amazed at all the work out there, keep reading friends: Pension Software Developer Master Engineer Systems Administrator at West Virginia University Transportation Engineer, Intermediate Top Minority Employment Opportunity says at there's work at a TRUCK SERVICE even gutter Installers are in great need for sure Minority type employment is a good source,or college,online or an AUTO LOT NISSAN, FORD or perhaps an Employment Opportunity at a BUTTERCUP FARM LANDSCAPING SUBACUTE MANAGEMENT or the (get this.....) "Telemetry Unit" at Emerson Hospital! Wow!

Jacob Said:

Is there a website where I can search for a college's job offering rate after graduation?

We Answered:

Juan Said:

Job university?

We Answered:

You can become a doctor who selflessly sacrifices his personal life in order to TRAVEL to every Third World country to help the poor KIDS. lol
Seriously, though, you can't combine everything you like and you have to sacrifice something you might like. I, for instance, want to be a football manager, reporter, psychologist, paleontologist, actor and pro-wrestler. But due to various reasons I decided to skip the wrestler and the paleontologist part.
You can also try everything you like. After I finish my 4-year studies in the University of Athens, or the Aristotle University, in the Physical Education Department, I will go to another University in Europe to become a sports reporter and then I'll go to either Canada or somewhere in Oceania to become an actor. You can become a teacher/professor AND someone who travels a lot, like a flight attendant, a correspondant reporter or an admiral.
Time-consuming, I know, but it's vital for people to have many options and be able to get paid for doing something they really enjoy.
Hope I helped...

Brenda Said:

College job search help?

We Answered:

Work for the school you big dummy. Your college should have plenty of jobs. I worked at night for The College Public Safety (campus police) locking doors on campus from 9pm-11pm and got paid for 4 hours of work. I worked any games I wanted, all I did was stand around and watch the game. Almost everyone I knew worked on campus, teachers aide, the fitness center, library, and so on. There has to be a office for campus jobs.

The problem with trying to get a job in college is they think you will quit at the drop of a hat when you graduate or for the summer when you go home.

Stop being so goddamn proud. You don't have a degree yet and you quit the only job you had, suck it up and just do something that pays. It ain't going to get any better when you graduate with a resume like that.

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