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College Student Job

Dennis Said:

FT job and college student needs ideas for extra income.?

We Answered:

A lot of college girls like to promote themselves on internet sites.

Elaine Said:

Where can a college student find a job?

We Answered:

If your college has a career services office you can check to see if they have any jobs available on campus or if they have a list of internships you might be able to apply to. If neither workds for you can check in your newspaper's classified and see if there is anything there that suits you :) Good Luck

Martin Said:

Should/Does the average college student have a job?

We Answered:

Most important, your college degree. Not only is a "degree" an accomplishment in "life" but the importance when seeking employment after graduation is as well. There are more college graduates each year than ever and competition for employment is "fierce". Seeking employment, for instance, in most Fortune 500 companies, GPA of no less than 3.0. Job applicants MUST be "better" than ordinary and if you maintained "employment", "civic duties", "volunteer work", etc. with an acceptible GPA you will be rewarded.

Also, look at degrees in demand paying good incomes. Degrees in "Business", for instance, "specialize" in Business Management, Business Finance, etc. "Entry level" in today's businesses is Business Administration, starting pay low, advancement can be difficult, due to "broad subject matter".
"Psycology", for those that could not decide. Employment by "local governments" at minimum wage. Deals with a subject we all do everyday "people". Last, watching College Football ever wonder why so many athletes "major" in "Communications", because "Basket Weaving" was discontinued.

My examples are not always the case, but I do know many that hire for large corporations, with insight on GPA, courses of study, "degree" acquired, activities participated while in college, etc. By all means, do not get yourself "financially" in the hole with "student loan debt".

Hope this help. Stay in-focus, attain your "goals".

Theodore Said:

What can I do about getting a job but a college student living on campus with no work study ?

We Answered:

if you are looking for something ethical and interesting as well, i must tell you, long term steady income require some patience and dedication.. fast and easy money are mostly scams..they ask for upfront payment and guarantee that you'll cover it in days.. but then they disappear..
If you can write well there are a number of genuine options for you. List and links of some genuine surveys can be found here: for freelance jobs elance and guru are good option, links for genuine data entry jobs can be found here: they are all free to sign-up and seems legitimate so far to me.

p.s. sign-up with a new email id, as you might receive a lot of junk mails on your email otherwise.

most of them will send your money by paypal

Marc Said:

Can a college student get a job at a doctors office or medical clinic?

We Answered:

It is possible. I work in a doctor's office and one of my co-workers is a college student. She works part time.

Claudia Said:

Who wants to offer a college student a job?

We Answered: - I found such internship info here. It has lots of internships, job openings and scolarships for college students.

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