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College Student Part Time Jobs

Michelle Said:

What are some good part-time jobs for a college student studying to be a teacher?

We Answered:

I go to a teaching school and most of my friends are going to become teachers. So...from looking at their experience since being at school...a lot of them work at daycares nearby to just get the experience of working with kids. I would say try and get some type of daycare job. Also, try looking for a nanny job, sometimes they only need you for a few hours a day, depending on their needs. That's all I got for now. good luck with the job searching! :D

Alexander Said:

What is a good part time job for a college student?

We Answered:

1.) You can always get run of the mill jobs - tutoring or even bus driving. The college must have fliers in the area.

2.) You can get a Co-op or paid internship. This will look great on your resume and prepare you for the working world you will hopefully be in. Some paid internships pay very well and will allow you to save money during your semesters.

3.) I took many research and TA positions while working. This was a bonus to my resume! It also gave flexible hours and paid quite well. I worked under 5 different professors for 5 different jobs. Some gave me a computer and office to work in. It also gave me access to older graduate students who helped me in my harder studies and allowed me to borrow their books! Trust me, you cannot beat working under a professor. My cousin did too and that opened doors to law school (which he didn't take), jobs, and graduate studies (which he did take). My roommate also worked under a professor. Her experience was key to get a research job in MIT.

Julia Said:

What are some decent part time jobs for a college student?

We Answered:

An internship in line with your major would be a great start, especially since most companies will work around your schedule. Your on-campus career center and/or college advisor should be a good resource for current internships available --- plus, I think some jobs are eligible for college course credits (check with your advisor on this).

Good luck in your job search

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