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College Student Summer Jobs

Reginald Said:

Are there any open summer jobs in St. Louis, Missouri for a college student?

We Answered:

Try the websites below.

Also when I think of St Louis I think that music's pretty big. Are there any music venues that need ticket-takers, customer service, beverage vendors cashiers, or selling canned drinks at a concert or something. . .

or. . . St. Louis Cardinals peanut baggers throw-ers? They can make some money at games, but a home-stand only lasts about two weeks at a time. . .

please see below for more suggestions. . .

Phyllis Said:

Does anyone know of a summer job for a college student?

We Answered:

Places that really need more staff during the summer are the best ones to try to be hired for. They won't mind letting you go off to school--they're counting on it.
With that in mind, landscape places are good possibilities as are garden centers. The landscape places can pay pretty well. One student I know worked for an asphalt-laying place (driveways and such) and not only worked his way through college, but travelled as well.
I know that this kind of job doesn't really seem to be compatible with your interests, but it will help you to get a good understanding of how people in different circumstances than you are in live and that can be a valuable addition to your education.
One young man I know worked for a plant nursery the second summer that he was in college. He returned to school very motivated to study so that he could have more choice about how he made his living.
He graduated from college last December and is working in his chosen field, earning nearly $70,000/year.
(He worked as a paid intern in financial corporations his last two summers of college, which helped him land his current job.)

Deborah Said:

What's a good paying full time summer job for a college student?

We Answered:

In my 4 years of college I usually had summer jobs at either a retail outfit or waiting tables.

Marion Said:

Which of these summer jobs should a college student take?

We Answered:

Get out and find something else to do. Interact with others, you will learn a lot more by listening to them than talking to yourself.

Emma Said:

Updated:What summer jobs should I apply for (college student)?

We Answered:

What about the place you worked last summer, have you tried to go back? How about asking that firm if they can recommend anything to you.

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