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College Students Jobs

Carrie Said:

What kind of jobs often have college students working along with other college students?

We Answered:

working as a camp counselor is a great summer job to get to know other people your own age--and have some fun in the process.

Tamara Said:

Are full time college students with jobs tax exempt?

We Answered:

No, you're not tax exempt. However, depending on the amount of money you're earning while in school you won't pay that much in taxes.

Just using 2005's rates and exemptions, HOH got an exemption of $7300. Assuming you also got a personal exemption, your first $10,500 of income wouldn't be subject to income taxes. In addition, for each additional child that you claim, $3200 more isn't subject to income tax because of the exemptions.

In addition, you're probably eligible to claim the Child Tax Credit, EITC, you'd probably get the hope or lifetime learning credits (tax credits for education expenses).

However, without more information, it's tough to tell you more.

Gary Said:

why is it that college students hold jobs?

We Answered:

yeap i agree with you, unfortunately, not all people thinking about their education really much like you do. Maybe they are looking for socialization, new experience, or trying to be financially independent by working . . .

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