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College Summer Jobs

Lawrence Said:

Good summer jobs and lodging for college guys in Jackson Hole, WY?

We Answered:

this is all that I could find:…

Vanessa Said:

summer jobs abroad for college student?

We Answered:

There are all kinds of online databases for programs and opportunities like that, if you just do some Googling. (I'd give you some but I'm in class.) The thing is that they rarely pay well, but I'm assuming that's not what you're in it for. You can get pretty good setups though. My friend is going to Australia with her boyfriend on one of those programs, and they provide housing I think and pay expenses...

For later though, you can get your TESL certification (I think it's like $2 grand for some reason) and then you can go anywhere in the world anytime pretty much and just teach English as long as you have that certification. Those usually pay much more and still provide you with housing etc. I know somebody who's doing that in Brazil too, he's been set for the rest of his life pretty much.

Just find a couple of those online databases and apply to a number of them, you'll have choices.

Elsie Said:

Summer jobs for college student near NYC?

We Answered:

ever heard of craigslist?

They have job listings that are updated your area im sure too..

here are links for nyc

and nj

just pick a city and that city should have updated job listings daily..

do you or don't you have work experience ? I mean you commented on the "no low paying high school jobs"..and nothing under 10 dollars an hour..

if you have no experience then you don't really have much choice but to settle for a low paying job..

if you have experience depending on where you apply they may bump you up to 12 dollars n hour at least..

but at this point i would say if you have no experience you cant be choosy. beggers cant be choosers because you are mostly likely having to start "somewhere"...

Claudia Said:

What are the best summer jobs for a college student in Seattle, WA?

We Answered:

Well I don't live in that state but you can go to the site below to look or something. I hope this will help. Or call 1-800-Monster.

Timothy Said:

Creative summer jobs for a college student!?!?

We Answered:

Have you considered working a Wisconsin Dells. Being a resort area, there should be all kinds of summer jobs of college students. I am sure you have been there and it's packed with tourists during the summer. You most likely would have to get a roommates to go with you to split expenses. If you want to go further away, east coast beach resorts are always hiring for the summer. For example in Ocean City, MD, The employer will pay you and pay for motel room for two. Good Luck

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