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Coventry Student Jobs

Amy Said:

Coventry university students/graduates:?

We Answered:

Im not sure. Look to be honest I just believe you might aswell go to a top Uni because you pay the same as those who do not anyway. I personally dont go to a top Uni but Im sorry I do not because the quality and standards arent great. You're not being taught a lot of things you should be. My advice is to ring around now to see who has a place for Biomed which isnt full everywhere and then ask them what the chances are of getting a place for clearing, they will lower grades at most places for sciene degrees. Have a see.

Leroy Said:

Which Uni in UK is better generally Salford or Coventry?

We Answered:

Coventry, its better to go to then be sent. no really Coventry will open your mind to situational history and intrigue enveloped with secret taverns, cheeky places, and air to breathe.

Juan Said:

what's software engineering from de montfoet university, uk(U.G) like? will the degree be worth the fees?

We Answered:

Go for Leeds. If you're going to be spending that length of time in one place, make sure it is gonna offer you plenty of opportunities for jobs and co-curricular stuff. De Mont. is a bit out of the way.

Norma Said:


We Answered: - I found such internship info here. It has lots of internships, job openings and scolarships for college students.

Vera Said:


We Answered:

Salford, the slums have gone (Made into expensive yuppie flats) and it's next door to Manchester. Salford is a city in its own right, there is no other twin city in UK. Apart from the false ones in London.
Also, Salford Uni is far superior in the Engineering / Science / Technology fields and is recognised as one of the best in Europe.

Danny Said:

Does anyone know any good salons in the coventry area?

We Answered:

Best thing to do is start off in your local area and ask shop managers, if you get no joy from that then branch out to other areas. I know that sounds obvious but unless youve already tried the jobcentre and the local paper I dont know what to say.

Marcia Said:

Coventry, Newcastle or Edinburgh?

We Answered:

i live in coventry in a highly populated student area, and love it, although i am not a student, i find the people are mostly friendly, and willing to help out, and the shopping is jsut about getting it together, with a nice mix of quality and cheaper shops. Edinburgh i have visited when a friend lived there and i really didnt enjoy it, very expensive and much towards the tourist industry, and have never been to newcastle

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