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Data Entry Jobs

Thomas Said:

What is a good website for information on data entry jobs from home?

We Answered:

Why don't you trade forex
i earn pretty much from there

Gabriel Said:

can somebody suggest me a good site for doing online data entry jobs from home?

We Answered:

I have tried so much but they demand money to register. My one of friend paid money to register and also got some work, but after completing that work he did not get payment. They were fake, so i suggest you do not try internet, If you want to work from home then contact to your friends and friends of friend and try to get some offline or online data entry work from trusted person to whom you can contact face to face. And also i suggest you to do not give money to register. Tell them deduct your registration fees from your earning. Though if you are interested in some earning and you have a group of friends then visit my blog where you can find some interesting links.…

Gertrude Said:

Are there any legit online data entry jobs where I can work from home?

We Answered:

agrre 100% with others answers !

there are NO JOBS online a JOB is working for another for salary

100% scams are all online JOBS

real legitimate bussiness are 12% that can be done online or at home

selling things is one

an affiliate is another

creating information products like E books and videos and selling them is another huge business

buying things at flea markets or finding in others trash can make you great money if you can recondition the items to like new condition !

furniture , bicycles,jewelry,lamps etc..

how i wish i started this data entry stuff when it 1st came out i could have been wealthy selling memberships for $29 a pop for something that is FREE !

funny thing it's still going on today 1000's of desperate people buy into these scams

i'm going to create an E book and sell it for $5 a pop to teach people what NOT buy into online work at home jobs etc...

even the free stuff will wind up costing you money somewhere down the line !

Adam Said:

How do I break from data entry jobs and get into administrative assistant jobs?

We Answered:

First of all get a typing program for your computer to get your typing speed up. 50 is OK but not good enough these days. Then get some one to help you type a good resume, they will help you with this at your local unemployment office. Then start networking every where you go. Most jobs are got by networking!

Aaron Said:

Where can I find REAL data entry jobs that allow working from home?

We Answered:

Look for job boards and webmaster community for real job opportunities. is really doing well. You can get real job vacancies from multiple job websites/ boards.

Webmasters need constant data entry workers for their ongoing/upcoming projects. You can get in touch with them through webmaster forums and apply for data entry jobs.

Clara Said:

How reliable are the sites offering part time jobs of data entry etc?

We Answered:


The best option would be to ask around to see if the sites are good and the best places are internet marketing forums such as DP forum for example. Also, if there is no joining fee than the site is most probably legit and you will be OK.

Nina Said:

Are there any good work from home data entry jobs?

We Answered:

Medical transcriptionist. Litsen to tapes of dictated medical charts and type them up using the software the company provides you with.
Also, I sell items on EBay and on a local auction site. Most of my items comes from yards sales, flea markets, discount bins at local stores, etc. I sell larger items locally, less shipping charges etc. Most customers will gladly pick up the items. Sometimes I buy items from the local site just to sell on EBay. You can get the same type of information that some people offer for sale just by checking out the Ebay site for free!

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OBP Data Entry Services Provider said:

Data Entry Work is one the most outsourced services due to the low costs and efficiency of the people. Data entry outsourcing is one way to help startups and other companies save time. It's not uncommon for some data entry outsourcing companies to outsource their work offshore. So yeah there are so many companies out there you should take a look.