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Employment For Students

Courtney Said:

Has anyone worked for Vector? its a company that offers employment for students. is it a good job?

We Answered:

I worked there last summer and I quit after 1 month. Why? First of all, when you first hear of Vector, you have no clue what to expect until you get there for the job interview. YOU HAVE TO SELL KNIVES!!! Now listen here, if you know people and they know people that are willing to pay over $500 for a set of knives, take the job. You'll get good commission. If you don't know anyone like that or you'll feel bad for the people you know wasting their money, don't take this job.

A really bad thing about this job is that the manager and the assistants won't stop bugging you. Even though the job is "laid back", you still have to attend weekly meetings, which for me, was 20 minutes from my house. They also expect you to call them EVERY SINGLE DAY and if you don't call them, guess what? They will call your cell phone first and if you don't answer that, they're going to call your house phone!! Talk about loss of privacy.

And to top it all off, I swear that their whole jibe about getting 17.25 per appointment is total bull. In my month of working there, I saw about 15 people and had 4 sales. That means 4 sales, I get commission and 11 times, I should've gotten 17.25. Guess what? I only got 17.25 for 5 of the appointments. And to tell you the truth, I didn't find out until after I quit and I didn't even bother to ask for it.

Vector is the biggest scam in history. Don't take the job!

Colleen Said:

Employment and Support Allowance for students?

We Answered:

ESA is for people who are unable to work due to illness or disability.

You may, in some circumstances, be able to make a claim to Income Support whilst you are studying.

Maxine Said:

Does universities have career services? or something that will help graduating students get a job?

We Answered:

Most schools have a program to help you get a job.

Also try networking with other students in your classes that already have jobs in the fields you are looking for.

Claudia Said:

Can employment agencies help students looking for part time jobs?

We Answered:

Chek it out at

It's powered by Google career.

Debbie Said:

How to apply for Student Employment with Border Patrol?

We Answered:

From the official website:

How to Apply…

If you are interested in an internship in the Office of Internal Affairs, please submit a resume and transcript (unofficial transcripts will be accepted) to If you prefer to fax your resume, please fax to (202) 863-6140.

A background security investigation will be required for all new appointments. Your employment will be contingent upon a successful completion of a background investigation.

Upon selection, an official agreement will be established between you, your school and the U.S. Customs and Border Protection for this student internship.

If claiming Veterans Preference, you must submit a DD-214.


Contact Christopher Baron at (202) 863-6216.

Gilbert Said:

Who knows of any great career sites to do some company research for college students seeking employment?

We Answered: - bunch of entry level jobs..

hotjobs and careerbuilder also can help!

Erik Said:

A student placement center has requests from five students for interviews regarding employment with a particul?

We Answered:

The probability that either of two mutually exclusive events occurs is found by adding the individual probabilities. The probability that the selected students have the same major is the probability that both are math majors, plus the probability that both are statistics majors.

The probability of two events both occuring is the product of the probabilities of event 1 occuring and of event 2 occuring given that event 1 occured.

The probability of the first student selected being a math major is 2/5
Given that, the probability of the second student selected also being a math major is 1/4
Therefore the probability that the two students are both math majors is 2/20 = 1/10.
Do the same calculation for statistics majors. Add the results together.

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