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Entry Level Jobs

Cindy Said:

How can I find entry level housing and homelessness jobs?

We Answered:

I have seen a lot of housing/homelessness related jobs on idealist, have you tried there? It's mostly non-profits. Also, there are a lot of different ways to work in housing/homelessness. You could be a community activist, organizer, deal with legal aspects, logistics...if you can't get a job right off the bat try to get experience in a similar area but with another focus (youth work, immigration, senior centers). Also look into the state and county government websites for employment, and even federal government although it's more competitive. Finally, don't be afraid to take an position like administrative assistant. It can get you in and allow you to get more insight into the area.

Carl Said:

What entry level IT technical support jobs only require a Technical certificates?

We Answered:

With the computer tech market so overloaded, companies are using degrees as a pre-screening tool. It is true that one does not need a 4 year degree to plug in a network cable or to hook-up a computer on a desk but the companies need (in their view) to reduce the number of capable applicants.
The problem with this is that within the next couple of years, after the need to reduce numbers has disappeared, so will have the reason and the companies will be requiring a 4 year degree for a job that a retarded, syphilitic hamster could do.

Marcus Said:

What kind of entry level jobs do people with marketing degrees usually get?

We Answered:

Probably Account Representative, salary depends on location, level of experience, education and professional references.

Audrey Said:

what are some entry level jobs fro someone who wants to be a special events planner?

We Answered:

I would recommend working at a party supply store, hotel (many hotels rent banquet rooms for meeting, parties, etc.), if you have a convention center nearby or a place where they host events such as boat shows or rv shows, etc.. Or look in your local directory to see if there is an event planner or wedding planner in your area, Maybe they need help with upcoming weddings (June is a popular month for weddings). Other than that, any job where you work with the public will give you customer service experience.

Another good source for unpaid (but valuable) experience is to volunteer with your local organizations. Your local chamber of commerce will be hosting many events in the upcoming months. As will the Rotary, Kiwanis, schools, churches. Now is the time for local homecoming celebrations, Forth of July, church picnics. All of these community events are great event planning experiences. Do a little digging to see who is sponsoring them and volunteer to help the organizer.

Good luck.

Shawn Said:

What are some easy entry level jobs to get into?

We Answered:

Receptionist is a good one to start with. It's a way to build your experience in an office and gain a lot of skills. But I would start with a smaller company so you don't get overwhelmed with it. Because larger companies tend to bundle a lot of the admin duties together.

Ricardo Said:

What are some entry level jobs in the Entertainment Industry, namely in NYC in the film industry?

We Answered:

This is just a loaded question.

There are many aspects of film. What aspect are you interested in? Actor, production, set, sound, etc?

Eleanor Said:

What sorts of entry-level jobs can I find in Social Services?

We Answered:

You will find that any job that requires specialized training or pays better will often seek Social work degrees first. However, if you are in an area with a small pool of BSW's this will work to your advantage. You will find group home, and recreation programs the easiest to get in. Some dept of social services may be an option. Also working with the elderly may be an option. DA

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