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Ryan Said:

Why are so many Dems "unable" to find a job while 10 million illegal immigrants have been working regularly?

We Answered:

Unemployment just got extended so why would a lib want a job.

Zachary Said:

How do I find and/or apply for a job I won't be able to start for a few months?

We Answered:

Try contacting companies directly and telling them your goals and your plans to relocate. Most companies will help you relocate and pay some accomadations like the first few months rent and moving costs. Especially if you are right out of university!! You are a very desirable candidate.

When I finished university I applied for jobs directly to the HR department and they flew me down for the interview, hired me, then gave me a 15,000$ signng bonus to help buy a house there and a 3 month tax free living allowance. They wanted me bad casue I was a new buisness graduate and companies will hire you in a heart beat.

Good Luck!!

Ruth Said:

Does anyone in the United States find it difficult to find a job?

We Answered:

my mom just got laid off a month ago and she can't find a job anywhere. she has had about 10 interviews but the companies are trying hard to save money. hopefully the new year will bring her a new job. it's a bit complicated though because she works in fashion and the industry isn't exactly booming right now. we live in southern california and a lot of my friends and family have been laid off. the economy is like a crumbling cookie.

edit: angel how can this be obama's fault? he hasn't even been sworn in yet! of course you always see his latest plans for the economy on the news but none of them have even been put into action yet. so don't you dare point your finger at barack because he is trying to help us and spread the wealth. i thought all of america was blaming bush now but i guess there are still a few that don't find anything wrong with him and they will blame obama, but not bush who has been the president for the last 8 years and is the main reason this country is doing horrible right now.

Daryl Said:

How to effectively find job in chicago and suburbs being a college student?

We Answered:

What's the long-term goal in mind? You don't really need a side job as a student in college. Focus on your grades, and take leadership in your school by starting a club. For instance, I worked with the University Venture Fund to gain firsthand experience in venture capital acquisitions and have learned so much. The post wasn't paid, but the experience was worth more than the opportunity cost.

Tap your alumni network before applying formally to any of the financial institutions in the area. Keep a focused mindset is what I advise. If you want to be a banker, then only apply for banking spots. Being anything else on your resume would suggest a lack of focus. Then again, as a college student, banking recruiters expect candidates to be in an exploratory phase.

As for a better method, start something up on campus, and when it comes to jobs, focus on internships to get your career jumpstarted.

Charlie Said:

Is it possible to get a job learning courses related to architectural?

We Answered:

I think so, because i have one friend who was taking architectural course, within 2 weeks after he graduate he got a job, he working with me in one office.

Dolores Said:

Where can i find a good job website for teenagers to find jobs?

We Answered:

All websites posted on this forum are usually scams. Internet jobs are up 400% are a scam. Nothing is guaranteed as far as a job or income. Try applying every where you think people will hire a teenager. Beware of the laws that might prevent them from hiring you.

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