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Find Student Job

Andrew Said:

How hard is it for an How hard is it for an Undocumented student to find a job near UC Berkeley?

We Answered:

Finding work without documentation may be difficult in the Bay Area. Your friend should focus on getting scholarships targeting AB540 students.

Futuros Educational Services (a nonprofit) has a pretty comprehensive list of scholarships for AB540 students:…

¡Adelante! California has two AB540 scholarships: Luisa Moreno Scholarship - $500 to $2000 and Founders’ Scholarship - $1000 to $2000. Both deadlines are in the beginning of January. For more information visit…

Your friend may also get money by asking the community and/or local businesses to help raise a college fund.

Jessica Said:

How can I, as a student, find a job in my area paying above minimum wage?

We Answered:

as a student, you have no degree, job training or relevant work experience that would qualify you for a job paying more than min wage. there are lots of adults with degrees and/or job training and/or work experience that are unemployed and would gladly accept an $8/hr job

Samantha Said:

Where can a college student find a job on winter break?

We Answered:

Your mall.

Tax preparation company that deals with refund anticipation loans.

Derrick Said:

Can someone with an expired student visa find a job that is not considered odd?

We Answered:

If you get married AND you earn at least $19 000 a year you can sponsor her for a greencard.

If she gets a job without papers she not only overstays her visa, she also will work without a permit - and probably won't pay her taxes either. She cannot get a decent job without a work permit. If she can get an employer to sponsor her for a work visa she may be able to get one, though it also would depend how long she overstayed and whether she has a ban for reentry to the US which will start the moment she leaves.

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Paket Pulau Seribu said:

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