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Find Student Jobs

Danielle Said:

where can i find student jobs in my area?

We Answered:

You could check the 'gumtree' website. It's a search engine for a lot of things including jobs.

I wouldn't worry too much about not having work experience before uni. Once at uni, you'll have plenty of opportunities to get work experience: paid work at uni, paid work outside uni, internships, volunteering programs, short work overseas, etc. Your uni's career service should keep you up to date with the latest vacancies and also help you with CVs and preparing for job interviews. You'll have a few years to find work experience whilst studying.

Brandon Said:

how can an international student find graphic design jobs in malaysia to earn some pocket money ?

We Answered:

You can send a brief resume and sample of your artwork to advertising agencies, production houses and marketing communication firms. They may not be able to hire you but they can buy your artwork made to their request.

Marcus Said:

How the Pre-press student find the jobs?

We Answered:

You should go to the school where you got your certificate and ask them for help, they should review your resume and help you find positions.

Gilbert Said:

Where can a college student find art related jobs/internships in San Fransisco?

We Answered:

The University of Dreams is an internship placement program that has programs in cities around the world, including San Francisco. All internships include room & board, transportation to and from work, weekly seminars, and weekend activities - it's a great program! I was placed in Los Angeles and had an amazing summer. All internships are guaranteed, so you're sure to have a good experience. If you decide to apply, use the reference code OU_CM on the application to receive a rushed acceptance decision since you heard from an alumni.

You can get more info at

Kathleen Said:

Where can i find computer jobs for student?

We Answered:…

Above is a site listing the top ten highest ranking computer jobs available now.

Good luck.

You can also try this site.…


Careers & Jobs for Computer Students

Whether you're considering a career in computers, or you've finished your degree and a are looking for work, this guide was created to help you find resources about this exciting field!

Monster Career Advice: Technology
Your career resource for computers & technology, with advice on completing your resume, job search, and more!

Richard Said:

Where to find Jobs for a Student ?

We Answered: - I found such internship info here. It has lots of internships, job openings and scolarships for college students.

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