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Find Summer Job

Toni Said:

How to find a good summer job?

We Answered:

1.) start looking early
2.) ask friends, family and teachers for ideas
3.) act ... call and/or drop in on potential hirers
4.) chose something you enjoy (preferable)
5.) working at a fast food restaurant isn't the worse (but pretty close to it)

Andrew Said:

Where can I find summer job/volunteer opportunities for a teen?

We Answered:

There’s lots of places in your community that you can volunteer. From experience, I can tell you that any volunteer work you do will look good on your college application as well as future job applications. One suggestion would be to volunteer for a local program or start your own tutoring service, especially tutoring in the subject of English. There’s a great article on how to make money teaching and/or tutoring English as a Second Language here:… I think this would be a great opportunity not only to make some extra cash but to also gain invaluable experience for your college applications. Hope that helps!

Bertha Said:

Does anyone know good websites that can help me find a summer job in the NYC Queens or Manhattan area?

We Answered:

If you find one, let me know.

Eugene Said:

Where can I find a summer ski resort job with affordable housing?

We Answered:

Only skiing in Summer I know of nearby is at Mt Hood near Portland Oregon. Skiers come from around the globe to practice skiing in Summer. There is a big lodge at the ski lift and rooms. It doesn't require many employees, it seems

Sean Said:

Trying to find a summer job for a college student?

We Answered:

Try using Career Builer, Top Pick Jobs, Career Network, and Jobster

I have had much sucess with these and even have an interview coming up!

What category are you interested in? Food Service, Clerical, Customer Service?

Just remember to research and be persistant when looking for a job :)

Lee Said:

Where can I find a summer job somewhere out of state or in Canada?

We Answered:

Sorry but you and millions of others also want to find a job for the summer. I hope you're not thinking you can just wander over to Canada and "get" a job because you can't.

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