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Find Summer Jobs

Bobbie Said:

where would one find summer jobs online for Canadian 18 year olds in the UK?

We Answered:

There are a number of ways to make money online, some are more effective than others and you need to be careful of scams because there are a lot of them out there. A few I have found that are legit and not scams like clixsense, mturk, spinsuccess, and gdi. I don't know if any of them are good in the UK but it is worth looking into

Clixsense is a site that pays you for clicking on ads, you have to stay on the ad for 30 seconds and then your account is credited. For a regular member you don't get many ads and and they only pay .01 an ad. I personally never saw a point in going to premium which costs a ten dollars.

MechanicalTurk has a whole range of stuff from writing articles, testing software, data entry, and simple things like click the best result for a search. The pay varies depending on what you are doing any where from .01 to 10.00. It does take a bit of time but most things a quite easy. There are some things you need to qualify for and those are generally the better paying jobs so it is worth doing. You are essentially a freelancer and depending how much time and effort you put into it can give you a bit of extra cash.

Spin success is an affiliate marketing program. It does cost 29.95 to join but you get 20.00 credited to your account so you are only really paying 9.95. If you are willing to put in a bit of work then it will pay for itself.…

GDI is my personal favorite. It is another affiliate marketing service but for me it is much easier to use and turns better results. You get paid by getting other people to join, but you get paid for not only the person you get to join but the people they get to join also up to 5 people down the list every month. You also get a 100.00 bonus for every 5 people you get in a week so the potential rewards can be quite high. Everyone is very keen to help people get started because when you are making money so are all the people in whats called as your upline. So every one wants to help, it is pretty easy to setup and once you get into it can be kind of fun.

Louis Said:

Where can I find summer jobs for teens?

We Answered:

Most retail places hire teens. Also try fast food joints, and other places with "Now Hiring" signs in front. Most cash-register related jobs are offered to teens. and are good places to start.

Also; try this link:…

Melissa Said:

Where to find summer jobs in europe for foreign students outside EU ?

We Answered: - I found such internship info here. It has lots of internships, job openings and scolarships for college students.

Darren Said:

Where to find summer jobs in the Mediterranean?

We Answered:

Google it and see what it comes up with.

Leslie Said:

Where can I find summer jobs in Alberta?

We Answered:

Hotels are a very popular choice for students and young people for summer jobs. If you work there fulltime, you can pay a certain amount a night (around $9) and live there for the duration of your job. Most of the time, you share the room with 1 or 2 other people of the same sex. I was offered a job at a hotel in Banff, and a friend of mine who moved out there worked at a hotel (also in Banff) to save enough money to get his own place. Usually, you can fax/email a resume and cover letter, of course include you're looking for a summer job, any skills you have for positions they have available and that you're looking for accomodation as well. Season starts May/June and ends at the beginning of September. The hotel will then call you to set up an interview, and if you get the job will let you know the date to be there by.

Here is job listings for Banff, where accomodation commonly comes hand in hand with employment:

Also, when I was in Banff I picked up an email at the Information Centre (when I was looking for a job of the type you're looking for) which is this: or
This is their website, where you can search for jobs in the Banff/Canmore area through other websites and their local newspapers.

Here are some websites the Job Resource Centre gave me when I was looking for a job with accomodation:

Also, here are some websites/phone numbers of hostels where you can stay for around $30 per night when you first arrive: 1 877 562-2783 1 800 813-4138 1 866 762-4122 (Canmore) 1-403-678-3200 (Canmore)

Remember that it's easier to find jobs in tourist areas.

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