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Flexible Jobs For Students

Grace Said:

REAL Work From Home Jobs For Students?

We Answered:

Do various searches online for keywords such as home based virtual assistant, hire virtual assistant, hire data entry operator or clerk, outsource word processor, outsource data entry .,.. those types of terms should help you locate legitimate companies that hire independent contractors to work from their homes providing administrative type services. You should never have to pay for these types of opportunities ... just as you wouldn't pay to interview with or apply at a company for a job opening.

Hope this helps!

Patrick Said:

What are some good paying jobs that are flexible with college students' hours?

We Answered:

Did you ever consider Security guard? My bf and roommate are both students and work for the same company. The company provided the training and guard card, they were paid for training and they tend to be pretty flexible. It's also paid pretty well (in CA). Maybe you could look for something like that in your area...

Monica Said:

good jobs for college student? flexible to schedule more than minimum wage?

We Answered:

I substitute for the school. They pay 60 dollars a day and I only work 4 hours so heck yeah I'm in. I work when I want to and get paid good I'm happy as a lark. If I work 15 days out of 30 I bring home about 800 dollars a month but I only did that one I only work about 10 days a month. Look around and see what youcan find.

Mathew Said:

What are some good flexible jobs for a student?

We Answered:

Retail gives the most flexibility. That and food service. I would check with your college library or box office they offer opportunities on campus. Telemarketer in the evening also. There are manufacturing but they are less flexible.

Brandon Said:

What are some good flexible jobs for a student in College?

We Answered:

keep your job! it may seem boring but u got it so easy. i was a recp. at a mazda dealership and i got all of my homework done. i left there because i was just so bored sitting around and answering the phones and now i regret it. i got paid really good too and i had insurance. it makes me so mad now!

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