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Fun Jobs For College Students

Antonio Said:

Know any good countries a College Student can work for fun?

We Answered:

New Zeland is great for summer jobs

Ashley Said:

jobs for college students in austin, tx?

We Answered:

Well, are you gonna be in downtown Austin, or in nearby places, like Westlake or Round Rock or something? If downtown Austin, there are SO many places available to work. Look especially for places to work on The Drag (Guadalupe)...lots of really fun, unique restaurants and stores. These places are almost always hiring and looking for fun college students to work there. You could walk down one street downtown and when you're done, probably have scheduled like at least five interviews. I don't go downtown that often, but I know it's really fun :) Just look anywhere. Don't worry, you'll be able to find a job. You'll love Austin!

Patsy Said:

What's a fun summer job for a college-aged student?

We Answered:

Work in an amusement park for fun./

Daryl Said:

does anyone have a fun summer job for a college student?

We Answered:

If you go to City Hall, they always have listings for summer work. It's usually an easy desk job. Good luck!

Shannon Said:

Jobs For College Students That Pay Well?

We Answered:

i have been searching for such a job for the last 6 years of my college life.... haven't found that ideal job. what you are asking for doesn't exist. because if it was that great of a job, it WILL distract from your studies! the best way to get through college is by having such remedial jobs. they also serve as a distinct motivation for continuing with college & getting a GREAT job.

i suggest continuing with the ebay business because you can work as YOUR schedule allows and add & drop hours as YOU need to. things come up in college, and it really does help to have a flexible schedule.

Jill Said:

what's a good fun job for college students? low stress relative?

We Answered:

Find a testing center near you like Pearson Professional Centers or Prometric. All you'll do is check people in to take exams and then watch them so they don't cheat.

I used to work for Pearson and got paid $10/hour for basically nothing. Plus, I got to pick my own hours.

The kinds of tests they do are NCLEX for nurses, GMATs for business school, doctor testing, etc. All of them are computer based.

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