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Good Jobs For High School Students

Vicki Said:

does anybody know any good paying jobs for high school students?

We Answered:

It's never always clear how to begin looking for a job, I was in a bit of a hole for the last month when I was job searching, until I uncovered the resource in the box below that has sensible instruction. I soon got myself going down the true route, and in a month or so after a few interviews I netted a really excellent job.

Freddie Said:

Are there any good jobs for high school students that aren't the normal fast-food/cashier jobs?

We Answered:

The best high school / college job situation is a grocery store job. Many of these are union so you are treated better than you would be at a fast food situation. They have all kinds of possibilities for advancement and training. My daughter had been doing fast food (Subway) and got tired of the swearing, lying and manager abuse. She applied to an Albertson's store and got a job there. The first day she came home from work she said it was just wonderful. Everyone was so nice and were treated very professionally. She had that job all the way through college. Eventually, she went on the be a teacher but one of her friends stayed on and worked his way to be a manager of his own store.

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Good Jobs For High School Students

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