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Good Student Jobs

Alan Said:

What are some good student jobs to prepare for Foreign Service?

We Answered:

You can enter the foreign service from virtually any background. The application process favors people with broad knowledge but of course, a lot of focus on history, current events, and politics. I have often been advised to read Newsweek, the Economist and the Wall Street Journal for a year to prepare for exam.

In terms of student jobs, it's probably better to try for something where you'll have more responsibility and possibly manage people. It would also be helpful to have work experience with public service, policy advocacy, PR, etc. In the end you'll just have to pass the written and oral exams. If you can do that, your student jobs will not be that important.

Good luck!

Ashley Said:

what are some good jobs for a photography student at college?

We Answered:

1)Go to the local schools and ask to take pictures for the yearbook.

2)Your churches in town. Many event take place in a church.

3)Your town leaders may need pictures taken for special events also.

4)People may need some pictures redone or colored improved.

5)Weddings,birthday parties......

I hope this helps you.

Annie Said:

Good jobs for a student who LOVES to travel?

We Answered:

sales positions (retail) or temporary work (go through a temp agency)

Leslie Said:

What are some good student jobs to prepare for a int'l law career?

We Answered:

It depends on where you are in your education. Are you in law school, or just going away to college? If you haven't gone to college yet, you may be able to get a job at a law firm as a receptionist, file clerk or typist, or something that doesn't require much skill. Paralegals have degrees and certificates. Legal Secretaries usually have training and/or experience doing general administrative work (typing/preparing documents/filing). Once you are in law school for a couple of years, you can usually get a job as a law clerk.

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