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Graduate Employment Opportunities

Vanessa Said:

What country has the best employment opportunities?

We Answered:

The recession is global. I highly doubt you'd find any country whose economy can be described as "thriving."

Norma Said:

Undergrad graduating in the summer. Employment opportunities question?

We Answered:

You won't have graduated as of May. But you could still apply, mentioning in your cover letter that you will be completing your degree in August by taking one summer course. Once you finish that course, and receive a passing grade, you can apply for jobs claiming the degree, even though the official ceremony won't be until December.

When I completed a masters degree in February, but there was no ceremony until June, they gave me a letter saying I had completed the requirements for the degree - I don't know if all schools do that.

Pamela Said:

what are opportunities of employment of a computer science graduate?

We Answered:

Lots of opportunities, software programming/design, it consulting, and much more.

Gladys Said:

are there good employment opportunities for a graduated in aerospace engineering?

We Answered:

Aerospace engineers are expected to have 10 percent growth in employment over the projections decade, about as fast as the average for all occupations. Increases in the number and scope of military aerospace projects likely will generate new jobs. In addition, new technologies expected to be used on commercial aircraft produced during the next decade should spur demand for aerospace engineers. The employment outlook for aerospace engineers appears favorable. The number of degrees granted in aerospace engineering has declined for many years because of a perceived lack of opportunities in this field. Although this trend has reversed, new graduates continue to be needed to replace aerospace engineers who retire or leave the occupation for other reasons.

More details about pay can be found here:

Hope this helps.

Elsie Said:

Which industry in the UK has the most employment opportunities ?

We Answered:

The police force

Ramona Said:

What are the employment opportunities for Physics graduates?

We Answered:

Check out… for a list of job titles associated with the degree.

I would expect that Physics offers minimal job opportunities if you want to teach it. But, if you want to work for companies like Lockheed Martin and UTC, it might be easier to snag.

Loretta Said:

Employment Opportunities for non graduate officers?

We Answered:

Employers still want people with degrees. In addition, I believe you can't go above the grade of O-3 without a degree, so this will severely limit your military career as an officer.

You can get your degree while you serve. I'd recommend doing so.

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