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Graduate Student Job

Edwin Said:

Can you give me any suggestions on what would be a good part time job for a graduate student in accounting?

We Answered:

If you want something that just pays money, do whatever (like a grocery store or waiting tables).

But if you want experience with accounting, looking accounting firms in your area. Your grad. school might even be able to help. See if you can get a part time position there. It will give you the experience you need to gain an upper edge once you graduate. Also if they won't offer you a part time job see if they will let you intern there. (yeah there's a chance you won't get paid for that but if you want the experience it's the way to go)

Good Luck!

Rebecca Said:

Please provide me a part time job in delhi for a Graduate student?

We Answered:

one option is retail merchandising. if he is interested contact me

Mathew Said:

How does a graduate student hook a job in Urban Studies when there are too many applicants and cant get interv

We Answered:

Ideally you are already thinking about starting your own business. What about a non-profit? As long as you want to do that and set up a bus. plan for it you have always an option because... YOU are the solution. Get ANY job to support yourself in the evenings and volunteer or intern during the day at the jobs you want. This will get you experience and insight into what it is really like to work in your field. Good grades and all the trimmings will help you stand out, but EXPERIENCE is what they look for.

Georgia Said:

what are the government job for graduate student?

We Answered:

If you have a 4yr degree, you can get a lot of government jobs. You will have to pass a civil service exam. Check with your state about what jobs are available. But you can do almost all of the entry-level jobs.

Jonathan Said:

What is a decent part time job for a graduate student ?

We Answered:
Pays you for reading Emails, referring friends, clicking Ads. You will get $250 as signup bonus.

Vera Said:

What specific job a person recently graduate student with a BS in Finance can go into?

We Answered:

I was in your shoes several years ago. I had a mediocre GPA from a midwest state school in finance. If you don't want to do sales (why would you, you have a degree), the only real entry level finance jobs are in basic, almost remedial accounting. No career adviser at your university will tell you that. Finance makes for a better graduate degree. Only managers in a company get to make any real financial decisions. I found out after graduating that the jobs I wanted to get all wanted accounting Big 4 experience, CPA or MBA, accounting experience! That's why I'm studying for a master's in accounting to be able to sit for the CPA. If you have any friends in an accounting program, you'll see them get big jobs in big cities with big paychecks while you make less than a plumber. In fact, getting Big 4 accounting experience (in my opinion) is almost as good as attending an ivy league school. You'll be set and highly sought after by employers. Plus with all of the corporate fallout and new legislation and financial regulation, there'll be a boom in accounting jobs.

Now you'll probably tell me that you hated accounting in college, well that's tough. The fact is, if you want to work in finance, you have to study accounting. Period. I've been on both sides of finance and accounting and I can tell you that they suck equally as much.

Sue Said:

What kind of job do you recommend a math graduate student?

We Answered:

Financial analyst.

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